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What are Alfred Sung's most sought-after fragrances?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Dubbed as Canada's King of Fashion just three years after he and his friends started their own fashion company, Alfred Sung is among the few who Asians who left a great mark in the western world of fashion. Starting his career by creating ready-to-wear women's clothes, the ingenious fine arts advocate set the Canadian fashion ablaze with his simple yet elegant fashion style.

Alfred Sung, like most Asians, is an advocate of the "minimalist" approach. Unlike his Parisian contemporaries who loved being flashy, Alfred Sung maintained his Chinese heritage and used it to create the most attractive yet simple designs in the world of fashion. As a matter of fact, Alfred Sung became famous in his early years because of his ability to create affordable, simple and wearable clothes that targeted the working women class. This unique and minimalist trait of Alfred Sung's creation is what propelled him to unparalleled heights as what his status today will surely convey. Alfred Sung really knows how to choose a good perfume.

Alfred Hung
Alfred Hung | Source

What makes Alfred Sung fragrances so special?

Parfums Alfred Sung, the official line of Sung's fragrances, was launched in 1986 three years after he was named the "king of Canadian fashion". Since then, millions of Alfred Sung perfumes have been sold worldwide and just the name of the perfume itself will cause awe to a lot of people. Although the preferences and tastes of people might vary from one person to another, it is a general consensus that Alfred Sung's fragrances are some of the world's finest. If you are wondering what are the most sought-after Alfred Sung perfumes to date, here is a shortlist of some the most-sought, top perfumes from his legendary line.

Forever by Alfred Sung
Forever by Alfred Sung

Forever for Women

A fragrance of choice for the elegant woman, Forever has been one of the most popular perfumes in Alfred Sung's line. Created in 1995, the refreshing and flowery scent behind this long-favorite among women never failed to give surprises to anyone who is around the vicinity.

The notes of Forever is made up of freesia, sandalwood and valley lilies. It has a persistent scent that stays over the skin for long periods of time and is characterized as a "freshener" among those who were lucky enough to have smelled it. The scent of one is said to bring memories of a cool summer breeze.

Jewel for Women
Jewel for Women

Jewel for Women

Shining, shimmering and splendid. Those are the perfect words to describe this magnificent creation from Alfred Sung's design shop. Celebrating elegance and femininity, Jewel has successfully created the ultimate combination of milky feel and smoothness with the floral punch that Alfred Sung's fragrances are known for.

Following the notes from acacia, jasmine, frangipany and orange, Jewel was launched in 2005 and has not looked back since then. Today, the mellow scent of this perfume is still very popular among young women who wants to be as carefree as they can be. Wearing this perfume can easily turn the heads of the people who are lucky enough to be near.

Hei for Men
Hei for Men

Hei for Men

Although Alfred Sung was known for his work in women's fashion and fragrances, Hei was one of his masterpieces that catered to men's fashion. Foreboding an aura of command and masculinity that perfectly catered to the male population, Hei quickly became a "man's perfume" in every sense of the word.

Constantly revolving around its prominent notes coming from earth, mush, mahogany and light florals, Hei became one of the fastest-selling perfumes of 2002 and proved to people that Alfred Sung is also a master of masculine scents.

Shi for Women by Alfred Sung
Shi for Women by Alfred Sung

Shi for Women

The counterpart to the strong, masculine approach of his Hei, Alfred Sung's Shi is the perfect description for the poetic line "raindrop caught in a bottle". Inspired by raindrops that constantly fall from the sky to bring refreshing feelings, Shi is the embodiment of the minimalist yet very effective scent that Alfred Sung was popularly known for.

Launched in 2000, Alfred sung's Shi is a masterpiece that came from Orange Blossom, Frangipani, Musk, Lily and Fig.

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I would love to try an Alfred Sung fragrance...but...

No! They aren't too expensive! Unlike fragrances that originated from Paris, Alfred Sung perfumes are very affordable. If you are eager to try out an Alfred Sung perfume, you can easily find them on sale in online perfume shopping sites such as You'll find that it is more convenient to shop online rather than visit the shopping mall and look for perfumes yourself so if you are really interested to try one out, online shopping is the way to go. If you are lucky, you might also find great deals on different perfumes and fragrances.


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