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What are Scene Kids, Scene People, or Scenesters?

Updated on April 16, 2015

Scene Girl


Scene Kids

Recently, I came across a you-tube video with a very cute young lady who creates how-to videos on her shocking beauty routines and clothing. The colors which she had in her hair were bright and eyecatching, which drew me to click on the video initially catching my curiosity.

While I was not intending to wear these myself, I watched inquisitively to see just how she accomplished these very different make-up routines, self piercings, and colorful hair designs like rainbows, coontail stripes, cheetah and leopard print, and more. I later learned that a subculture exists for this type of teen style that is termed "Scene Kids".

How to do Cheetah / Leopard Print Scene Kids Hair Tutorial by AmberKatelynBeale

Where did 'Scene Kids' come from?

Scene kids are often in their 20's. Scene kids are often called 'Scene People' or 'Scenesters'. This subculture first popped up in the 2000s in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. However, their start was in the United Kingdom in the early 1990s. Youtube was actually the main contributor, because of fashion and make-up tutorials like the one above, of spreading the Scene Kid subculture from the United Kingdom to America and Australian. Their fashion trends include pop punk clothing like tripp pants, stripes, spiky hair, Vans, trucker hats, Chucks, tartan, etc. that have originated from grunge and skate punk fashion. The term 'Scene Kids' was hugely popular amongst skaters who viewed them as side-liners interested mostly in their fashion than skateboarding. It was in the late 2000s, that scene kids adopted the messy cropped hair with colors dyed in like the video above.

Scene Girl Showing her Hair

Photo by imagerymajestic
Photo by imagerymajestic | Source

Here's your chance to vote! ;-)

Scene or Emo?

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Difference between Scene Kids and Emo?

There is a great debate between the difference between 'Scene Kids' and Emo. Do not confuse these two groups. Those of the Emo group feel that 'Scene Kids' have ripped off their style. One hubber (Black Dahlia) insists that Scene Kids are a mix of everything; that while having the Emo hairstyle they make it different by including color to match their personality.

Scene Kids do not like to have the term Emo used against them. Another hubber, Alison-jza, says to identify an Emo by their preferred hair color, which is black. In her article, she hints that Emo are anti-social, while 'Scene Kids' like the be scene; hence the name.

  • Emo vs Scene Hubpage - by Black Dahlia.
  • Difference between Emo and Scene kids - by Alison-jza. Edited and removed link because this page no longer exists on Hubpages - 02/03/15.

Despite some people's claims that Emo is antisocial; and scene is not, a few governments have proposed banning BOTH groups for being antisocial and causing a "corrupting foreign influence" over their youth; including those being arrested, beaten, and threatened with jail. - Wikipedia (Scene Subculture).

  • What do you think is the difference between the subcultures: 'Scene Kids' and 'Emo'? Leave your comments below.

Manic Panic shocking Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Emo vs. Scene Hair?

So, as we learned above, this debate goes on about Emo versus Scene Hair. While some people believe this is a way to differentiate between these two subcultures, hubber bbkworrell, states that the main difference lies with their behavior and dress; not their hair (which she says is basically the same).

In her hub, she outlines different steps that you can follow in order to achieve, for both girls and guys, the emo vs. scene hairstyle. She recommends dark hair color dye for someone with light hair; and light hair color dye for someone with dark hair.

Band 'Restart' known for 'Scene Kids' style

Wikipedia | Source

Most Popular Songs that Scene Kids Know

Scene Kids and Music

Music is a big part of the 'Scene Kids' subculture. They are typically associated with metalcore, deathcore, electronica, pop punk and indie rock. Some artists for Scene Kids include:

  • Brokencyde
  • Blood on the Dance Floor
  • Dot Dot Curve
  • Scene Kidz
  • Millionaires
  • Restart (pictured above), etc.

Even though such music groups are associated with 'Scene Kids', hubber varioushubs states that because 'Scene Kids' are individual and unique, they should listen to whatever they want. He says that 'Scene Kids' actually like some of the 'Emo' groups, "happy hardcore, skate punk, deathcore or even metal that is hardcore".

What are your thoughts on Scene Kids and music? Please leave your comments below.

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Looking for Scene Clothes?

Check out the following link for the best places to buy Scene clothes:


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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Melinda, with all do respect, you seem to be a nice person but I must make you aware that the music genres Hardcore, Metalcore, and Deathcore actually have nothing to do with "scene" kids! These genres existed WAY before the scene kids even existed! They come from the Hardcore scene as well as Grindcore and Mathcore. I should know, I grew up with the Hardcore scene from the 80's and 90's. Hardcore actually started with bands from the 70's such as Bad Brains and Black Flag which were rooted in traditional punk but played a harder version of Punk called Hardcore. This lead to the development of numerous subgenres and fusions of Hardcore and Metal. The original Hardcore and Metal fans absolutely despise this scene culture because of due to it falsely representing our genre and have the utmost comtempt for scene kids because they have nothing to do with our subculture. Scene kids basically just rip off the emo look, rip off elements from other genres, water them down and bastardize our music. There's really nothing original about scene kids. They all have the same type of hair, focus completely on fashion, and seem to for the most part not have much passion for music as their music is generic and doesn't require much talent. I honestly don't think we have a problem with these "scene" kids doing their own thing or listening to their music, but once they started calling their bands "Hardcore", "Metalcore", and "Deathcore", they opened up a can of shitstorms! The "scene" bands that you speak of have nothing in common with Hardcore, Metalcore, etc. For example, REAL Metalcore bands are bands like Converge, Candiria, Integrity, Starkweather, etc. If you listen to the old school Metalcore bands, they have NOTHING in common with these new scene bands that are coming out nowadays, matter of fact they sound like complete polar opposites and stand for completely different scenes. Just thought I'd shed some light to you on the origins of Hardcore, Metalcore, etc. music. These genres were established decades before "scene" kids existed or were even heard of. Hope you were able to learn the difference. Just be yourself, listen to what you like, and you'll be okay! Thank you for listening!

    • Melinda Longoria profile imageAUTHOR

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 

      4 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Thank you for your comments Sparrowlet. :-) Mel

    • Sparrowlet profile image

      Katharine L Sparrow 

      4 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Wow, it hasn't been that long since my youngest left for college, but I still haven't heard of scene kids. But now that I see the pics and videos, I do recognize the style. Must have seen some of these kids around and not known they had their own category! Interesting hub!

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 

      4 years ago from Central Florida

      I'm really showing my age with this one. I've never heard of either subculture. It's hard to believe anyone is anti-social when they go to great lengths to stick out like a sore thumb!

      Interesting hub, Melinda.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed this read Melinda and wishing you a great weekend.



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