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The reality of Gynecomastia a.k.a Man Boobs

Updated on October 6, 2017

What is Gynecomastia a.k.a Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is a common condition in males. This is when the breast is enlarged. Breast gland enlargement can happen in new-born babies but more commonly among boys during puberty and older men. Usually, after puberty, most cases of gynecomastia goes away naturally for boys.

Gynecomastia is not normally a serious problem, but research shows that it can affect self-confidence and cause embarrassment. This can lead to:

significant deficits in general health, social functioning, mental health, self-esteem, and eating behaviours,

according to Brian Labow and colleagues from Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, MA.

It is important to note that gynecomastia does not mean that someone has extra fat from being overweight. It is caused by additional breast tissue. Doing exercise or losing weight will not reduce the breast tissue in gynecomastia.

Even though, getting in shape can help lessen the appearance of male breasts for a few men. An abundance glandular tissue in lean males can cause apparent enlarged breasts.

What causes Man Boobs

What causes Man Boobs
What causes Man Boobs

What causes Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance between the two sex hormones estrogen and testosterone in males. It is estrogen that causes breast tissue to grow. While it is testosterone that prevents breast tissue from growing. All men produce estrogen but they usually have much higher levels of testosterone. And this prevents estrogen hormones from producing breast tissue in males.

During puberty, a boy's hormones vary. If the balance of hormones in the body changes, this can cause a boy's breasts to grow. It would mean that the level of testosterone in his body dropped. Inherently causing higher levels of estrogen in his body to trigger breast tissue to grow.

As men get older, they produce less testosterone. Older men to tend to have more body fat. This can cause more oestrogen to be produced. These changes in hormone levels can lead to excess breast tissue growth.

A few male babies are born with have visible breast tissue. This is because they have acquired high levels of estrogen from their mother. Usually within weeks, as estrogen levels tend to normalise, the swelling of the breast tissue goes away.

For my case, I believe the hormonal imbalances were totally related to the food I ate, the lack of exercise I got, the toxins I absorbed into my body, the weight I carried and the stress levels I put up with. These multiple factors contributed to the overall hormonal stability in my body, and hence my gynecomastia. In retrospect, I wished I had not harboured all of these factors during puberty.


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