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What is a hipster and what does he do ?

Updated on August 2, 2013



1940's Hipster


Hipsters were born

When we say the word hipster we must know that this refers to a subculture of young, urban middle-class adults and older teenagers that appeared in the 1990s. Hipsters are associated with independent music styles, having a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, independent or progressive political views, alternative spirituality or atheism/agnosticism, and alternative lifestyles.

Douglas Haddow, a canadian writer, says about hipster culture that has been described as a "mutating, trans-Atlantic melting pot of styles, tastes and behaviors".

The term "hipster" was used for the first time starting with 1940, when this term was referring to a member of the African-American community.A decade later, the common hipster was white, but still fascinated by colors, and when I say colors I mean literally, without referring to a racial thing.

Evolution of a Hipster


Contemporary hipsters

Hipsters got a new face in 2000 in Williamsburg neighborhood of New York.Since then, this trend meets the educated youth who often work in the world of art, music and fashion, but refuses the aesthetic canons of United States culture and even the sexuality preset.

The boy hipster like to grow beard and strives to dress feminine designs.Girls have no problem wearing super slim pants, but in many cases for a boy hipster this is a must-have.

They like everything labeled vintage, they read more than other people, choose to become vegan and often buy old vinyls.

The boy hipster


Hipster accessories

Understanding what a hipster is.

Nowadays you hear this term more often.Any boy or girl that wears wayfarer sunglasses, a scarf in the summer, a large shoulder bag, skinny jeans, different types of hats, a Polaroid camera, leather jackets and an iPhone is automatically labeled as a hipster.

If people see something strange in your clothing style, something that is above their power of accepting and understanding, YOU HAVE NO ESCAPE, you are a HIPSTER.

Hipsters Hipsters Everywhere !

The term "hipster" is so abused by people this days, that you get to see hipsters even where there are not.For example, you hear somebody say about some random location he visited " That's a place full of hipsters. I am not going there ever again".But that person doesn't know the true meaning of this word.But they think it is cool to use the term, they feel part of the group.


Hipster - Society relationship

Talking about the relationship between hipsters and society, they live with ease but a fact is well-known: A hipster hates being described as a hipster.

Also, hipsters think about themselves that they are cooler than everyone else.As I said before, they avoid labels and being labeled.

Future of hipsters

Analyzing how young people nowadays choose to be, in the future this trend will become bigger and bigger.

An important factor is that artists, especially musicians, choose this trend and this has a big effect upon the present and future generations of young people.

And this is also a part of the future - The OLD HIPSTER


Are you a hipster ?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hipsters suck!! Oh, how they do..they're hippie wannabes and their efforts fail abysmally. The urban dictionary definition paintsb these people correctly. here is somethng sad and tragic about their efforts to be considered unique among the mainstream fish. They end up looking like castoffs from the old TV show Room 222.

    • klaus-gaming profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Iasi, Romania

      yea..I like that photo too :) glad you like it.cheers

    • johnsonrallen profile image

      Robert Allen Johnson 

      5 years ago from Fort Wayne, IN

      Oh boy...the Old Hipster, can't wait! Good stuff here


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