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What is more important Beauty or Intelligence

Updated on August 6, 2012

For me I think being smart is far more important than being beautiful. Although I do feel that for the initial attraction beauty is essential…would you really approach a very ugly looking person in the first place? And if you didn't approach him, would you know he is very smart and probably the owner of a multimillion dollar company? Exactly. I feel that though intelligence gets us through life, the beauty factor cannot be negated. However …who says you can’t transform yourself into a physically attractive person?? And that’s where your smartness comes into play which is why I said being smart is more important. Smart people know exactly how to make themselves look prettier, what exactly to wear, how to dress, how to style their hair, what beauty treatments to undergo in order to get that beautiful face to match the beautiful personality. And when you look beautiful, you have that inner confidence in you to go get whatever is that you want out of life.

Though beauty does attract a person initially, it is the intelligence factor that carries us the rest of the journey. All of us would have had that encounter with an extremely gorgeous looking person who it utterly boring and so dumb that we have to strain to keep ourselves awake at the coffee table! Wit, intelligence and smartness will not only keep the interest of your love alive in you, it will also make sure you are earning well, able to take care of yourself and in general be a better asset to the society.


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