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What Is Physical Hair Loss? How to Prevent It?

Updated on August 7, 2020
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Types of hair loss

One is alopecia areata. This physical alopecia can affect any part of the body. In the worst case, all hairs on the body fall off. The pathogenesis is a disorder of the autoimmune system, hair follicle cells infiltrated by lymphocytes or cytokines secreted by them. Attack causes physical hair loss. Every year people around the world spend billions of dollars on regrowth of hair, but the effect is very low.
Another type of mechanical alopecia is the breakage or shedding of hair caused by certain special hair styles, such as braids and buns for women, and split hair styles for men, which will cause mechanical physical hair loss.

Causes of hair loss and Life care

Causes of hair loss
Physical hair loss is a relatively common type of hair loss. Physical hair loss is hair loss caused by physical reasons such as air pollution, sun exposure, high temperature, radioactive radiation, and mechanical friction stimulation.
Life care
(1) Don't tie the hair too tightly. Too tight will damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.
(2) When you go out, remember to use an umbrella to reduce ultraviolet radiation.
(3) Do not use nylon combs and nylon head brushes that are prone to static electricity. Wear protective caps and wash your hair in an environment with serious air dust pollution.
(4) Reduce the frequency of perm and dye your hair. The best time to dye your hair with soup is more than three months apart.
(5) Reduce the frequency of using the hair dryer and dry it naturally.
Prevention measures

Prevention measures

living habit
1. Choose wooden comb or horn comb
Do not comb your hair with a comb made of nylon, because nylon combs are easy to generate static electricity, which will cause bad irritation to the hair and scalp. The most ideal is to use a wooden comb or horn comb, which can remove dandruff and increase hair shine, but also massage the scalp and promote blood circulation.
2. Wash your hair frequently
The best interval between washing your hair is 2~3 days. You need to rub and massage while washing your hair. This will keep your scalp clean and promote blood circulation. It is best to let the hair dry naturally after washing.
3. Choose the right shampoo
Do not use strong degreasing or alkaline shampoos. The degreasing and dehydration of this type of shampoo is too strong, which can easily dry the hair and cause scalp necrosis. You should choose natural shampoos that are non-irritating to the scalp and hair, or choose according to your own hair quality. It is best not to use a shampoo all the time.
4. Quit smoking
Smoking will constrict the capillaries of the scalp, thereby affecting the normal development and growth of hair.
5. Restrict drinking
Liquor, especially hot liquor, will produce heat and moisture on the scalp, causing hair loss. Even beer and wine should be in moderation. After all, they also contain alcohol and should be consumed in moderation.
6. Watch out for computers
People who use computers for a long time are prone to hair loss. One is because they are exposed to too much computer radiation, and the other is that computer operations require a high degree of concentration. Long-term use will increase the excitement of the brain, related endocrine dysfunction, and hair follicles are easily clogged. Obstacles to the nutrient supply of the hair will eventually lead to increased brittleness and loss of hair.
7. Eliminate mental depression
Unstable mental state, daily anxiety can cause hair loss, the deeper the depression, the faster the hair loss. Therefore, frequent deep breathing, walking, relaxing gymnastics, etc. can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.
8. Ensure adequate sleep
Finally, ensuring adequate sleep and other details are also essential.

Surgical treatment and Remedies treatment

Surgical treatment
Autologous hair transplant
There are many causes of hair loss, one of which is very common is physical hair loss. If the hair loss is severe, drugs and diet therapy cannot achieve the purpose of treatment. Autologous hair transplantation is recognized worldwide as the best treatment for severe and permanent hair loss. Program. Autologous hair transplantation has advanced technology, patented equipment, and rich expert experience. It is suitable for all levels of hair loss patients and meets their desire to improve their hair loss symptoms. The mainstream technology of autologous hair transplantation is divided into FUT and FUE; the two mainstream technologies use different technologies for different causes and types of hair loss, and the effect is better. In addition, there is a newly emerging technology "FD Four-dimensional Hair Transplant Technology", which has been recognized internationally for its unique advantages and has begun to be applied in some cutting-edge hair transplant institutions.
Home remedy
Ginger scalp
This method is simple and feasible. First, remove one piece of old ginger (rich in moisture), then cut it into small pieces, and apply tea to the hair loss area. It is recommended 2-3 times a day to help stimulate hair growth.
Type of use: Alopecia areata
Drug fumigation
This method only requires 45g of Touca vulgaris, then fry in water for 20 minutes in a casserole, then smoke the head with the heat for about 10 minutes, and finally wash the hair with liquid medicine. It is recommended to wash the hair once a day for 2 weeks.
Application type: Seborrheic alopecia.
Use plants to massage
Ingredients needed: half an onion, 5 grams of shampoo (a shampoo commonly used at home), 3 grams of castor oil, 3 grams of honey, and 1 egg yolk. First squeeze the onion into juice, then mix it with honey, egg yolk, castor oil, and shampoo. After that, apply it to the hair and massage continuously. Wear a shower cap for more than one hour, and finally rinse with water , If it is checked for a long time, it can effectively treat symptoms such as chronic hair loss and thinning hair.


CNV Laser Hair Growth System - Hair Regrowth for Men and Women with Thinning Hair -Hair Loss Treatments Helmet & Cap & Hat & Comb Device- Professional version Products Gold
The products are made with 650nm 5mW medical laser technology certified by the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The 650nm 5mW medical soft laser can penetrate the surface cells and reach the root of the hair follicle. The root of the hair follicle is rich in melanin, which can specifically absorb the 650nm soft laser energy. Clinical experiments have confirmed that hair follicles that absorb sufficient energy can achieve the following effects.
1.Regulate oil secretion and enhance nutrient absorption
2.Speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism
3.Increase ATP synthesis to promote hair growth


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