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What to Wear to a Birthday Party

Updated on August 22, 2016

What to wear to a Birthday Party? Not as simple question as it may seem. Birthday is a day when we have to look our best. How to do that?

Each of us knows the peculiarities of her own body and what she has to show off and what to hide. This golden rule should apply while creating your birthday image. Each body has its own peculiarities and the best thing is to dress according to your body type. Your task is to choose the best style to show off the best parts of your body and hide the "not so best".

Below are 5 Birthday Party looks I like the best. Choose the one which works for you.

1. Short Fitted Style

If you are the lucky owner of a great proportional body, don't hide it! Especially since it's your Birthday. You can choose a short fitted dress. It can be classic little black dress or a bright one. Opt for a golden style which is so hot this season. Compliment your image with matching shoes and accessories.

2. Dress-Code Greek

If you have to observe dress-code, choose long dress, for example Greek-style dress complimented by a tiara or chic earrings. Don't forget high-heeled sandals in gold or silver.

3. Romantic Ruffles

You can also opt for a romantic dress with ruffles and drapes. Match it with pumps and stylish clutch and you will be the queen of the party.

4. Curvy High-Waisted

If you are curvy, try on high-waisted dress made of light and flowy fabrics. Avoid multilayerness! If you would like to hide your thighs, opt for a dress with dark bottom and light top.

5. Skinny Romper

Skinny girls would look great in rompers made of silk, satin or velvet. These fabrics look really chic. Don't forget to pair it with high heels and stylish clutch. If you have beautiful shoulders you can opt for a strapless romper.

These were 5 ideas of what to wear to a Birthday party. Choose the one you think is best for you.

What style would you wear?

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