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What to do for Your Complexion to Always Look Great Into Adulthood

Updated on September 2, 2015

By nature, being women we have a duty to ourselves to preserve our good looks as best as we can and for as long as possible. If we take good care of ourselves, aging will not be so frightening anymore. The transition from adulthood to an older age will barely be noticeable.

As much as we’d hate to admit it, everyone likes to admire and look at a woman that respects herself and takes care of her mind, body and complexion. And something so simple as the morning beauty routine will not only prepare you for a new day with its pleasant, invigorating effects but it also has great benefits on your complexion over the years.

But beauty needs to be well taken care of daily. It needs our full attention, dedication and time if we want to reap the benefits later in life. When you are young, you’re expected to look good because Mother Nature is generous with you, but as you get older it becomes harder to keep the same body and complexion that you had in your twenties.

Luckily, until then there is something you can do to smooth the transition between young adulthood and the adulthood. Yes, the morning beauty routine! You can hold on to it as if it were holy and try not to skip too many mornings, no matter how in a hurry you might be.

Why is Hydration so Important and What are its Benefits?

Water helps flush out the toxins from your epidermis and it contains important nutrients that get carried on to the cells of your skin.

The results are:

  1. A more firm and plump skin.
  2. It feels smoother to touch.
  3. The skin becomes less sensitive to germs, bacteria and other irritants that cause inflammation, redness and breakouts.

The disadvantages of a dry complexion are the following:

  1. Loss of elasticity.
  2. A rougher feel when touched.
  3. It becomes flask, red, itchy etc.
  4. It emphasizes the wrinkles and all other fine lines.

All these, on a long term, will have devastating effects on your complexion. That is why all dermatologists say it is necessary to wash off everything you’ve put on your face in the night before and let your skin breathe a little. Even if you haven’t used anything, during the night dead skin and sebum will accumulate and that can clog your pores and cause nasty breakouts and rashes.

Not to mention the harshness of the environment and all the changing seasons we expose ourselves to; our face and hands are the most exposed to weather, and if we don’t do whatever it takes to take care of them, nobody else will!

The simplest and the fastest way to cleanse and hydrate your face in the morning would be to:

  • Gently wash your face with a foam-free cleanser (the type you do it yourself or a natural one),
  • Then dry off the water with a paper towel,
  • And in 2-3 minutes after finishing, you should apply either a floral water of your choice, one that suits the needs of your complexion or a nourishing and protective seed oil.
  • Then apply foundation, powder or anything else you fancy for that day.

Depending on how important it is for you, you can do this simple routine too, no matter the age. It will never do any harm if you are careful about what you put on your face from an early age.

Always make sure you read all the details of a product, all its reviews, talk to people that have used it before and if it’s about medicine, you should never take any pill without consulting your doctor first. Health and beauty are like a flower to me; the more you take care of yourself, the better and easier will be to be in a good shape and feel good about yourself all the time. Would you agree? Don't be shy in opening a conversation in the comments section below.


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