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What type of model are you

Updated on June 24, 2013

The biggest mistake

Determining what type of model you’re going to be is very important; this way you’ll know the requirements needed to be successful. This will also save you money and time. For example, you may not have the look their looking for, but you have great hands (yes some people do get paid to model their hands). Knowing what type of model you’re going to be will help you avoid getting ripped off as well.

Fashion modeling

In fashion modeling, you will be promoting clothes and accessories, so you may find them in catalogs (such as JC Penny), fashion magazines (such as Vogue), or ripping the runway. Fashion models are usually 5’10 in major markets. This kind of modeling usual go for women with high cheekbones, long necks and square jaws. This type of modeling is not for everyone, but you can try commercial modeling, which does not have a certain requirement.

Commercial Print

In commercial print modeling you'll be advertising products, companies and services. This form of modeling really doesn’t have a set height and weight requirement, however you must be attractive, proportion and be able to play different roles. You should be able to play a role as a:

· Corporate- portrays lawyers, doctors, or executives.

· Swimwear- theses models are well toned; you can find these models in any suntan product, beach resort or a swimsuit catalog.

· Lingerie- these models usually have on a simple bra and panties (Victoria’s secret) with a great smile with a sexy atmosphere.

· Fitness- This type of commercial print modeling require you to be on the same fitness level as an athlete. You can find these models on health and fitness products.

· Glamor- This modeling includes swimwear and lingerie; they have curves and beautiful faces. It has a strong sexually overtone, so you may find these models in a Maxim magazine.

Body parts

OK let’s say you don’t have the face that they are looking for, but like I said earlier you may have great hands they can use. There are several parts of your body that you can model, ranging from the hair on you head to your toes. Now in order to land a job as one of these models, your specific body part should be clean, clear, wrinkled free, and free of veins. Anything from hair care products, foot creams, fingernail polish, you name it, this where body part models shine.

So as you can see you can model just about anything beside your face. If modeling is your passion then find out what your modeling niche is.


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