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What does it takes to be a Real Gentleman? Why Not find out…

Updated on December 23, 2008

If I might ask; what does it take, I mean what it could cost to be not just a gentleman, but a real one? Well I guess we look into this  But before I proceed I will love to welcome you this place. I choose to call it the Gentleman’s place because it is dedicated to all guys and real gentlemen out there (not forgetting the ladies too: though it is strictly for my gees). I will love to whisper to you a little secret of mine; this is my first blog post and I would sound a little nostalgic and maybe cynical sorry if I have offended your sensibilities. Now back to our little gentlemanly gossip:  What does it takes to be regarded as a hell of a gentleman? (Who cares?): as “it is a man’s world out there” (sorry ladies); and it takes wits and guts to make it out as a young man these days: so this is what this write up will tend to address especially as we strive to earn gentle-manhood status. Now below is what I feel is needed to be a real gentleman, please read on…

1) DEEP POCKETS: Though this might not be all, but guess what? It is all bro, take it or leave it money is the number one spice of life. For you to be considered a gentleman you must have real deep pockets or at least you are capable enough to pick not some, but all your bills. this is why as a young man you need to take urgent steps to address your financial situation. If you are struggling with habits like drug addiction, smoking, gambling, drunkenness, womanizing etc; it is high time to think of doing something about kicking these habits as it could lead to your financial comatose, if you need to improve yourself educationally or other wise by acquiring formal and informal education to eqip yourself with useful skills that will help you climb the career ladder, this is the time to act. Taking professional programs in IT should come in handy here.

2) GOOD HEALTH: Health they say is wealth, now laying credence to this witty saying: as a young person and ultimately as a gentleman, you really need to be healthy and strong. How will it be if you are out on a date with that dream lady of yours and all of a sudden you start feeling like a pregnant woman, exhausted, with an irritating and nauseating feeling pervading your entire your system? or at your work place you are fond of sleeping on your desk or not on your sit as a result of constant ill health? this is really bad especially as a young man who wants to considered a real gentleman you must be strong and healthy. Avoid foods and habits that will leave you over weight, cut down your calory intake, constant exercise will help; for example as a form of exercise daily I take up ten buckets if water up the stairs ( immediately I finish writing this article I will be embarking on this exercise, my bucket is already beside me as a reminder)  Make sure you do your laundry regularly, don’t wait for those clothes to pile up, wash them immediately you notice they are greasy and dirty.  Cultivate the habit of washing your hands after going to the loo or shaking hands with friends and some strange people to avoid infesting your self with bacteria that induces ill health.  Bro you really need to be strong as a fiddle, really.

GOOD LOOKS: This might sound like a myth especially to those who look like my sci-fi green friend “Shrek”, however you don’t need to look like the proverbial “Adonis” to be considered as a gentleman with good looks, no.  To have good looks you need to be “trendy”. Put on the right clothes just clean and simple; wear nice smelling cologne and make sure you visit the barber’s shop at least twice a month (for me I visit the barber’s shop once every week).or if you can do it your self the better.  If you must wear tattoos and piercing, just keep them nice, clean and tidy; avoid tattoos that make you look like one of those weird wrestlers you see on the set of WWE or any of those junkie and funky rock stars; as it is a deviation from any thing gentlemanly. For piercing, one on either the right or left side of the ears could be ideal any thing other than this disregards you as a real gentleman which is what I promote on these pages.

BE FRIENDLY AND SOCIABLE: Sorry “MR Shrek” as I will like to use you again as an illustration. For you to be seen as a gentleman you must not be a hermit like our green ogre friend who feels that as an ugly ogre he need to distance himself from the crowd, and on the other hand you don’t have to be our little friend the “donkey” who is so lousy, loud and irritating. Rather just be plain friendly, pick your words, avoid caustic words or phrases. Be polite and dependable, open up to people, and ask questions when necessary as no one person knows it all.  Join singles if you are still single, be a part of discussion groups both online and off line.  Just make your self heard player, be sociable, amiable, easy going, trendy with a high sense of humor and above all a gentleman.

This is my list of what it takes to be a real gentleman, what is yours?


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      True meaning here and finding a gentleman in the time of today is not as simple thanks

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Thanks Mid Night Oil for your comments.

      Though it is not in conformity with my ideas on what it really means to be a gentleman.

      However I'll tend to agree with you on the "Alpha Male" concept.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Midnight Oil profile image

      Midnight Oil 7 years ago from Isle of Man UK

      Sorry - I have to disagree with you whole list, and your 'idea' of being a gentleman in general.

      Being a gentleman is founded on respect, honour, manners and common curtsies - these come from the inside, not the outside list of superficial things you listed. Gentlemen are alpha males and don't need to try as they have it all ready.

      But an interesting Hub all the same and keep publishing..!

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      @Marrian- your views on this topic are really intelligent, cos I love it when a woman defines what she needs from her man.

      Thanks Marrian for stopping by.

      @Budwood-Thanks for your comments, as objective as you might want to be, there are still attributes and traits that defines a real gentleman.

      Thanks anyway, I think you still have got a point that should be considered.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • budwood profile image

      budwood 7 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Your suggestions are O.K., but somewhat superficial.

      I like to think of myself as a gentleman. The criterion on this is to NOT be subjective. That is, to be objective enough to think of other people's interests, maybe not always first, but so that other people's interest are always put into your considerations.

    • MariannGood profile image

      MariannGood 7 years ago

      Good points about being a gentleman as a start. About money as a number one priority in your suggestions. I as a woman believe it helps up when you have money, but showing concern, appreciation, being a helpmate man and woman in daily living. Giving gestures of being there for one another is also highly valued. Being honest and say what you mean as a continuation do as you say. If you can not do it, let people know. This is from my point of view being a woman. Have a wonderful day!