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What's Your Natural Hair Journey?

Updated on November 30, 2017

Define Your Hair

Natural hair is defined by its natural, untreated chemical state. Hair is composed of keratin protein protecting epithelial cells from damage and stress. Keratin protein is a fibrous structural protein. The epithelial cells bulge continually to regenerate hair follicles during its cycle.

Types of Hair:

Hair textures have multiple textures within its texture group. There is four types of hair texture, three containing multiple textures. Hair textures are called type. Type is a group with common characteristics.
Type one hair is straight. Straight hair have natural sheen, oily, hard to damage, and difficult to curl.
Type two hair is wavy and frizz prone. Type Two-A is less wavy, easily to convert to straight hair. Two-A is a more defined wavy pattern. Two-C wave pattern is volumize, less frizz wave pattern.
Type three hair is a full bodied curly defined S shape pattern, prone to damage, and styles often depends on the climate. Three-A hair's full body curls are defined. Three-B full body hair holds loose curls in its defined form while Three-C gives tight S shape consistent curls.
Type four hair is kinky. Kinky hair is coiled and fragile, prone to breakage and needs more moisture than other hair types. Four-A kinky hair is less coiled, hard to style. Four-B hair is thick with a mixture of loose and tight coils. Four-C is the thickest hair type of the coil group.

Styling Products for Styling

For curly, kinky, and wavy hair there are special products to keep moisture locked in the curl pattern. For best results use twice a day, in the morning before styling and at night as part of your hair routine, for soft strong hair. All products give strength to hair no matter the hair type. Overusing a product can cause breakage making hair fragile to style.

Cantu products are one hundred percent natural Shea butter containing citric acid, fragrance, and water as the main ingredients. This is one of the best products for multicultural hair textures. Helping repair damage hair with leave-in conditioner and growth strong strengthening treatment. Cantu founder founded a different repair system for fragile hair. As an active user, keeping my hair moisturize and soft was a difficult process. Cantu products gave the nutrients my hair looked-for to stay moisturize and show life with just a small amount applied every morning and night. Shea Moisture contains fifty-five natural products for natural hair. The products they have stimulates and soothe senses. They make sure that all their products are compromise-free, not giving any parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, DEA, petrolatum, formaldehyde, or propylene in any of their ingredients. TGIN 'Thank God I'm Natural' is a new natural product line for kinky, curly hair. This product line does not mind telling its customer that all ingredients are not natural, but most contain natural and organic items. They give clinically tested and keep parabens and phthalates out of their products for the healthiest hair possible.

Hair care product lines provide shampoo and conditioner to complete their collection of products. Using one product for everything can often cause damage to some hair. It’s great to stay with one product knowing how your hair will react, if realizing that the product is causing damage swap out certain products. For instance, using Cantu Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Leave-In Conditioner, Growth Strengthening Treatment, and Hairspray, during daily, weekly, or monthly styling routine may work for a while. During use your hair may develop an unexpected dry or rough texture. A simple adjustment like swapping out the shampoo and conditioner with Pantene shampoo and conditioner can make the biggest difference. There is no need to stop using all products just substitute certain products for a different brand product.

Pantene produces shiny, healthy hair looks. Their ingredients are inspired by panthenol, giving clinically tested, and antioxidant damage blocker products. Helping prevent copper damage. For color, treated hair Pantene preserves the color adding shine with every lather.

Types of Oils

Hair oils are made of fatty acid which promotes strong, healthy, thick hair growth. It also gives a natural shine to your hair. Using kitchen oil is not recommended because of it flammable. Rather than Hair oils that have gone through a process and is not flammable. These are not the only oils that will give healthy hair, but they are the most promising oil for all hair.

Argan Oil is produced from the argan tree kernels. The natural phenol help detains dandruff and irritation. There is no need to go overboard and apply an enormous amount of this oil. A dime to nickel size amount is plenty for hair stimulation. What is the difference between Morocco oil and Argan oil? The difference is it is the same. Any product that has Morocco oil on it is followed with Argan this is because the kernels of an Argan tree is endemic to Morocco. Castor oil is derived from a castor bean plant; the plant seed is pressed extracting the oil. Castor oil is given the name Jamaican Castor oil, mostly being sold from the Jamaica area. The oil is antibacterial, inflammatory, and antivirus promoting hair growth. Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from mature coconuts' kernel or meat. The coconut is harvested from coconut palm providing vitamins and fatty acids. This oil nourishes the scalp and removes buildup from hair follicles. Giving faster hair growth and thicker beautiful hair. Olive Oil is another hair growth promotional oil. Though cooking olive oil might work in the hair it is also possible that if getting too much heat can make your hair go into flames. ORS or Organic Root Stimulator promotes hair growth without worrying if your hair will go up in flames. This product lines primary targets multicultural consumers, but works for all hair types.

Cantu Shea Butter collection
Cantu Shea Butter collection | Source

In my (non-professional) opinion, using gel is not always the best or healthy option for your hair. Being a user of 'regular' gel (black tar like) it makes the hair harden. EcoStyler is a styling gel that is more suitable in helping style your hair for twist outs, three strand twists, and keeping your edges (if you struggle with frizzy edges) tamed.

For females, keeping our hair looking great is essential to our appearance. Some of us must put more work and time into making it presentable. Which is why edge control was invented. Edge control is healthy for the hair and better than 'regular' gel. Most edge controls come in a small container, pack a Big punch. Edge control has oils, does not cause the hair to flake or harden. If gives a smooth look and feeling when applying and styling.

Too much heat. Yikes!
Too much heat. Yikes!

Heatless Hair Stretching Techniques

Stretching hair promotes hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp. Stretching your hair is like stretching after a jog or run. Protecting your hair ends while performing stretching techniques reduces the chances of split-ends. Detangling and preparing the hair for styling is made easier after stretching. There is five hair stretching techniques that are going to be discussed. One thing to remember is the option to use heat will determine how the hair turns out. After washing your hair, a blow dryer is typically used for styling. Setting the blow dryer on a low heat or the cool setting helps reduce heat damage. Applying either setting tug the hair roots gently before brushing or combing.

Method One: Banding

Banding is an old technique using hair ties. The best hair ties to use is elastic ties. To perform this method, make sure the hair is clean and detangled. After sectioning, the hair applies the desired moisturizers. When sectioning your hair, it is best to section in four parts. After separating the hair into four parts, start banding within the section one at a time. In section one, you will take a nickel to quarter size amount of hair, apply moisture, detangle, and use the elastic hair ties going down the hair shaft. Make sure to leave space in between hair ties giving the hair room to breathe.

Method Two: Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots are a great fashion forward trend. This hairstyle protects hair ends while stretching. Leaving the Bantu knots in overnight will give a better look than leaving them in for a few hours. Once hair is sectioned take a medium size of the hair apply moisture, detangle, and twist clockwise. Twisting the hair clockwise into a small bun and pinning with a hair pin or rubber band keeps the knot from unraveling. There is a way to twist the knot without using a bobby pin. Bobby pins and rubber bands are the easier way ensure the hair stays intact.

Method Three: Buns

Low buns, middle buns, and high buns protect the hair ends and stretches hair roots. There is no real technique to make a bun. It’s your bun whether messy or clean it will look great. The several ways that most style their buns are by using hair ties, bobby pins, and tube socks. Of course, detangling your hair is a must. Once detangled for short hair it is easier to put your hair in a ponytail. Then wrap the left-out hair around forming a bun. To create a messy bun or give more volume simply tease different sections of the hair. Once hair is wrapped into a bun you can pin it with bobby pins or use hair ties to keep bun form. Longer hair requires less, great thing about long hair you do not need a hair tie. To form the bun, you can twist your hair into the bun and place bobby pins or hair tie to secure placement. A tube sock bun is taking the sock cutting a hole in at the bottom, and roll the sock forming a donut. Take your hair through the hole in the sock and use your hair to cover the sock giving a natural perfect bun. It is best to use a sock closer to your hair color for camouflage.

Method Four: Braids and Braid-Out

Braids allow hair growth and breathable scalp. Achieving a braid out is one of the easiest hairstyles to master. For a flawless braid out braiding your hair into two to six braids will give volume. Make sure your hair is snatch and frizz-free. Applying mousse or styling mousse will give form and definition when taking the braids out. The braid out gives waves, for defined waves make sure the braid is insecure.

Method Five: Twist-Outs

Twist outs are like the braid out expect it requires two strands maneuver in a braid motion giving a twist look. A braid requires three strands that are close to the scalp. Twist outs are a great no heat method. Giving your hair tight curls throughout the day.
With every method, the best way to get more for your time is by detangling and moisturizing. All hairstyles will work on damp hair, except the bun. In my opinion, the bun is best when hair is straight depending on the hair texture you carry.


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