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What’s the Best Runners’ Nipple Protection?

Updated on May 22, 2013

Most men that run or jog regularly find that nipple chafing and bleeding are common problems.

While it may not seem like a major concern, the reality is that it’s painful and can take a long time to heal.

Chafing occurs when the material of the running shirt continues to rub against the nipples.

Over long running distances this abrasion can lead to nipple damage and bleeding.

Women can avoid these problems by wearing a snug fitting sports bra. Men have to take other measures to protect their nipples.

How to Protect Nipples from Chafing

Runners’ nipple protection is important and it’s good to know what options you have to prevent chafing.

Creams – There are a range of creams available that are designed to shield the nipples from abrasive clothing. Although they can work well temporarily, these creams don’t offer lasting protection.

Creams can be useful on short runs, although over long distances it’s necessary to re-apply the protective coat. This can be impractical and awkward to apply while running .

Also, although most of the creams are based on skin-friendly ingredients such as petroleum jelly, they often have additives that can irritate sensitive skin.

Band-Aids – Many runners’ nipple protection involves a simple remedy using the humble band-aid. Although this is a quick and easy fix, it’s not fail proof. Band-aids can lose their adhesiveness once they become wet with sweat.

Also, chest hair can make it hard to properly stick the band-aid across the nipple. Removing the band-aid can also be an unpleasant experience. They can also snag on clothing.

Nipple Covers – The best runners’ nipple protection is to use specially designed nipple covers. Although more frequently associated with women’s’ apparel, nipple covers are fantastic for runners.

They fit snugly over the nipple and are easy to apply and remove. They’re also comfortable to wear and very practical.

There are plenty of different nipple covers available. However, Adhesive Nipplecovers from Uplifting Therapies come highly recommended. These pasties are made from high quality materials and are very durable.

They don’t contain any toxins, unlike some other brands. This is great news for anyone that’s prone to skin irritations. Also, since they are waterproof there’s no need to worry about the nipple covers becoming loose or falling off during a run.

Adhesive Nipplecovers will stay firmly and comfortably in place until removed. These really are one of the best runners’ nipple protection options available, and they’re very affordable.

What to Do if You Have Chafed Nipples

If you haven’t been using nipple covers and have been unfortunate enough to get chafed, bleeding nipples, it’s important to treat them properly.

They need to be cleaned with antiseptic and treated like any other wound. Sterile gauze should be placed over them until they’re healed.

As this is a very sensitive area of your body, they will be very sore and tender for some time. Once recovered, use nipple covers for any future runs.

Anyone interested in Adhesive Nipplecovers can visit Uplifting Therapies’ website at


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