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Where Can I Buy Bearpaw Boots – Buy Bearpaw Boots Here

Updated on March 27, 2011

Where Can I Buy Bearpaw Women Boots – Buy Bearpaw Women Boots at Amazon

Spanish Cavemen

Footwear has been with man for a very long time. If you look at the history of man, you will notice that drawings show Spanish cavemen with animal skins and furs in their feet more than fifteen thousands years ago. Archeologist have also been able to come with their iceman wearing leather covering on the feet stuff with straw and the iceman is dated more than five thousands years ago. In short, footwear has been with man for a very long time.

The Boots

One type of footwear that is liked by man is the boot. A boot is a footwear that is worn by both men and women and will usually cover the foot and the ankle. A boot may cover farther up the legs to the knees and even some boots will go up to the hips. Boots have traditionally been made from leather but with the rising cost of leather and high demands for leather boots, boots are now being made of either leather, rubber, or other materials.

Why Do People Wear Boots?

Why do people wear boots? People will wear boots for their functionality. The main aim of wearing boots is to protect the legs from water, dirt, snow, cold and hot temperatures, and other hazards.  Some people will wear boots just for providing extra ankle support when they are doing strenuous activities. But with the modern man and woman, boots may just be worn for reasons of style and fashion only – remember the cowboy boots which extended above the ankle.

Antarctic Boots

Today, boots are made differently for different type of uses. There are those boots that are watertight meant for heavy duty works. There are boots like gumboots which are used in household chores and farming activities. If you have been to Antarctic, you may have noticed the insulated and inflatable boots they use there.

Fashionable Boots

During the sixtieth and seventieth, fashionable boots were very popular. During the eightieth, ninetieth, and twentieth, the popularity of fashionable boots decreased. Today, fashionable boots are becoming very popular especially the boots with bootleg designs and this is especially true among the women.

Brands of Boots

Today, popular brands of boots include but not limited to Bearpaw Boots, Ugg Boots, Blundstones Boots, Chukka Boots, Dr Martens Boots, Redback boots, Rocky Boots, Georgia Boots, Durango Boots, Sorel Boots, Timberland Boots,Tony Lama Boots, Meindl Boots, etc, etc.

Bearpaw Boots

The Bearpaw boots for women seems to be what every woman is going for currently. There might be a particular thing that they like about Bearpaw boots. I myself do not think they are that good – but I may be wrong because numbers speak for themselves. They say Bearpaw Footwear is made for comfort with contemporary style. Bearpaw footwear is made from quality materials that provide an organic beauty that is wearable all year round. When I look at the prices, I can say the prices for Bearpaw boots are workable. Bearpaw boots are just good for women. I do not think bearpaw boots can be appropriate for the majority of men. Below is a listing of various bearpaw boots which you can buy at Amazon store. Buy them there if you can, but buy them if you are a lady.

Bearpaw Boots

Bearpaw boots for women
Bearpaw boots for women
Bearpaw women boots
Bearpaw women boots

Ugg Boots

The photo bellows shows the Women's UGG Classic Cardy Boot. These boots have soft, wool-blend knit uppers and lowers. The style features three oversized buttons that gives you the option to wear the uppers fully buttoned, partly buttoned, slightly slouched or completely cuffed down. And these are good boots which are currently doing well especially with ladies. Whether one should buy a Bearpaw boots or a Ugg boot is a hard decision to make. Many people are picking on Bearpaw boots perhaps because of price but the fact that many people are going for lower prices does not mean they are right on quality. If I was to choose between the two, I myself would choose Ugg boots because I naturally do not like risking with cheap things. Now, to the right is the listing of Ugg boots at Amazon. Buy these Ugg boots at Amazon.

Ugg Boots
Ugg Boots

Blundstones Boots

I picked on this Blundstone's adult 500 slip-on boot because its one boot that I love but for some reasons I won’t state here.  But this well designed boot with 2.5-millimeter-thick weather-proof leather for everyday casual work will take you far. Look at the price and compare that with its equivalent Bearpaw boot.

Blundstone's adult 500 slip-on boot
Blundstone's adult 500 slip-on boot

Chukka Boots

Here is a comfortable chukka boot which is easy to slip on and off with double side elastic inserts that stretch for an amazing fit. The boots are hand-sewn as can be seen on the upper, sock-liner and outsole have been put together in a single step, creating incredible flexibility and natural cushioning underfoot. These really are good boots but the price may seem high but with a good reason. And below is a comprehensive listing of bid prices as sold by Amazon store.

Comfortable Chukka Boots
Comfortable Chukka Boots

Dr Martens Boots

Look at the boots below. They are Dr Martens boots. Do you think they are any beeter than Bearpaw boots? Perhaps yes. And, perhaps no when you consider what most people are currently buying. The photo shows a fabulous 20-eyelet Martens leather boot laces all the way up to the knee. Notice the time-saving side zipper for easy access. And below is a listing of Dr Martens’ boots as sold online by the trusted Amazon store? You are likely to get the most competitive prices for Martens boots at Amazon.

A fabulous 20-eyelet Dr Martens leather boot
A fabulous 20-eyelet Dr Martens leather boot

Redback boots

Below is an image that shows one of the many Redback boots. These boots are liked by firefighters as they consider them the most comfortable steel-toe fire station boots ever made. And below is a selection of a few of Redback boots at the online Amazon store. Compare their prices with those of the Bearpaw boots and hopefully you may be able to make a decision whether its Redback boots or Bearpaw boots that is right for you. Remember it’s not only a low price that matters here but rather the value of your money.

Redback Boots - The Redback boots are liked by firefighters as they consider them the most comfortable steel-toe fire station boots ever made
Redback Boots - The Redback boots are liked by firefighters as they consider them the most comfortable steel-toe fire station boots ever made

Rocky Boots

Here below is a picture that shows Rocky GORE - TEX 200 gram Pull - ons. They are warm, brush-busting, all-weather boots that you may need for  your next trip to the backwoods. Below are a few of the Rocky boots which can buy from the trusted Amazon store.

Rocky boots - Rocky GORE - TEX 200 gram Pull  Ons
Rocky boots - Rocky GORE - TEX 200 gram Pull Ons

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    • profile image

      Hello 6 years ago

      I love my bear paw boots! They are cute and very comfortable. Plus they were priced at about half of what UGG boots usually are.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for showing these wonderful boots.

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Some interesting boots.