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Where To Find The Best And Purest Shea Butter

Updated on April 22, 2008

Shea butter is a substance extracted from fruits of the tree through the process of crushing and boiling. The name 'Shea Butter' is short for 'Sheanut Butter'. The tree is also called "The Karite tree", which means 'the tree of life'. It is called this name because of the numerous healing characteristics it possesses. The tree grows mostly in Africa. In the dry savannah belt of West Africa, the tree is found growing wild.

Shea butter is used for a lot of activities ranging from edible activities to ritual activities. In West Africa, especially Ghana, Nigeria and Togo, it is used as cooking oil. In some parts of Africa, it is rubbed on the body believing it can stop bullets. It is used for a lot of things in Africa and the world generally, but the commonest of its uses is against skin infections and irritations. It treats skin disorders like eczema, burns, rashes, stretch marks, acne, wrinkles, skin discolorations, itching and other skin problems. It also provides natural protection from the sun's UV rays. It is also an excellent agent for softening skin. It can also be used to maintain hair moisturization especially in dry hair.

Shea butter is an excellent natural product for maintaining both body and hair vitality. But one of the greatest problems of shea butter is the availability of the pure one. Most of the shea butter marketed worldwide are mixed with one product or the other and once this is done, its effectiveness and quality drops. This is the reason why some people use shea butter over a long period of time and notice little or no change.

Shea butter contains an ingredient called Cinnamic Acid. This cinnamic acid is an acid bound to other ingredients and once this shea butter loses its purity, the natural bounded acid decreases which results in the overall ineffectiveness of the shea butter. Irrespective of the quality of the shea butter, it does one thing; it helps in skin moisturization. Once shea butter has been adulterated, it is very unlikely that it would give the results of pure shea butter.

Nigeria produces one of the highest quality shea butter in Africa and the world in general. In Nigeria, pure shea butter is available at the cost of almost nothing. It is used mostly by women for hair and skin treatment. A few use it for cooking. In the Northern part of the country, it is called Kadanya and in the southern part is commonly known as Ori. The purest shea butter is sold locally by market women. Even though it can be found in shops at a higher price, the quality is lower than that of the ones locally sold.

Now what are the characteristics of good shea butter? Shea butter is soft, creamy and beige in color. At room temperature, it is the texture of butter but once heated slightly, it melts. The smell is not exactly nice. Sometimes, you may come across shea butter that has a perfumed smell; that is the kind that has been adulterated and no matter what has been written on it, be it '100% shea butter', it is not pure. Also, once shea butter has any color apart from beige, it is not pure. Sometimes, you may come across brown or white shea butter, it has been adulterated and if you go ahead and buy this kind, do not expect the results pure shea butter produces. Another way of knowing pure shea butter is that it immediately relieves itching. If it does not do this, then it is fake. Even though shea butter does not have a pleasant smell, once it is rubbed on the skin, it is immediately absorbed by the skin and does not have any smell. Sometimes, your skin may feel greasy after you rub shea butter; this is not supposed to be so.

All the characteristics of shea butter are found in Nigerian shea butter. Shea butter is produced in numerous places but what matters is the quality. This is because the source of the shea butter determines the strength of its healing. So the most important thing you should know about shea butter if you are looking for the pure one is the source.


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    • profile image

      martina 3 years ago

      where can I getoriginal sheabuter on wholesale in nigeria

    • profile image

      babalola ogundare 3 years ago

      where can i get shea butter in commercial quantities in Nigeria

    • profile image

      Body Organics 3 years ago

      We have pure Shea butter oil

    • profile image

      tounàz 3 years ago

      Where can I get Shea in oil form pls

    • profile image

      Alex Lawal 4 years ago

      Raw shea Butter for sell. 100 % shea butter no additives or preservatives, good quality, we have in our whorehouse any quantity 200-500 metric tons. Contact:


    • profile image

      Mas'ud Saleh 4 years ago

      Raw shea Butter for sell. 100 % shea butter no additives or preservatives, good quality, we have in our whorehouse any quantity 1- 100 metric tons. is well stored and packaged. u can try business with us. Contact: +2348036099413 +2348176434666.

      I look forward to interested client. Thanks

    • profile image

      mrs grace 4 years ago

      hi, everyone i will like to introduce my NGO to you guys Grace NGO Foundation,we deal with Shea butter that is made straight from the farm. no chemicals is in it which is great for hair and skin care. you can get more details about us on and for more info and pictures or send me an email at; phone no; 08035061601 my name is Mrs grace enemali.thanks

    • profile image

      Grace 5 years ago

      This is such a good info about sheabutter,thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Adegbie Taiwo Jordan 5 years ago

      We are fully experienced in this field of natural resources and we have been into it for many years, getting large quantity available to exporters, who take it around the world for distribution, now we have made up our mind to start shipping to every buyer across the world. FACHAB Integrated goods and service, a subsidiary of Libral Watch and Ever green international. Our Shea butter is from Nigerian west region, Oyo and Kwara state, we have professionals who extract at all time. The Main difference is that the unrefined has more than double of the refined quantity. It also has the benefit of purity in nature for processing and other factors. We are into Cassava and red oil plantation, presently we are the largest seller of Cocoa Beans in Ondo state, Nigeria. We have professional agricultural scientist who works with us, graduate of agric-science and Economics, we did not have any label on our shea butter, because it is natural, so we are not required to certified it.

      We can sell as many as you required, we only like you to tell us, the quantity you want, be informed that we can supply up to full container per week. You can also send representative to us, We will foot all your movement,hotel and feeding here.

      Call +2348051018918 and for detail discussion. You can also send email for clerifications. We prefer Western Union money transfer.​

      We look forward to read from you.

    • profile image

      dunni 5 years ago

      I can provide any quantity of undiluted shea butter from nigeria.Interested buyer or company should contact me on 08077384860,08065257774 or

    • profile image

      Claire Carter 5 years ago

      Thanks Jessica for getting our name out there! Ok so anyone that wants to buy small amounts or big amounts up to 10 pounds of Shea butter you can buy it from my online store at

      We have the best organic unrefined Shea butter from Africa, and we only carry unrefined because refined is when it's heated and it loses most of it's vitamins and the vitamins are what makes it so good for your skin. So why would anyone want to buy refined Shea butter that will not work miracles like it does when it's unrefined. We have great deals and the best products so stop by sometime!

    • profile image

      zuby ace 5 years ago

      get it from the maker from the source of the federal government of nigeria on sheabutter project at +2348032585409.this the only place in nigeria at any quantity

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      The best pure unrefined shea butter is ivory light yellow colored. White means it has been refined which it loses vitamins and bright or dark yellow is fake because it is man-crafted which means they heat shea butter up and add other butters and ingredients to it. The best priced real Shea butter that I have found is from

    • profile image

      Umar Alkali Saad 6 years ago

      I have Original shea butter for sale if you are interested contact me via my Mobile phone +234 8064365099 +234 8080392571 or E-mail

    • profile image

      DESTINE ODEY 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Feyidara 6 years ago

      I've bn using shea butter now for about a year cz of my dry skin and d result is encouraging. I need information on hw 2 get original unrefined shea butter. Email me on : Tnx

    • profile image

      banji 6 years ago

      If u need original shea butter,i can direct u on how to get one here in abeokuta at our local market. Mail me on- Thanx

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I have quite dry skin and I bought some 100% pure Shea butter which said it was raw and unrefined , it is ivory colour. It said of the box does not make skin feel greasy yet my skin does?

    • profile image

      Joyce 6 years ago

      Pls how to I get shea butter in large quantity? Thanks

    • profile image

      Victoria 6 years ago

      Pls pls, i need unrefined shea butter urgently for my chapped feet and hands, also i want 2 use it as sun protection during the day since it has spf in it, pls who ever is sellin it shld contact @ Also i wnt it deliverd in calabar cross river state. Tnxs a lot wen u contact me will negotiate tnxs. Pls i need it soon. 07062336649.

    • profile image

      Geraldine 6 years ago

      Nice info. All i need is where 2 purchase it in Akwa Ibom state & also it's local name here.thanks a trillion...

    • profile image

      Omofuma Emily 6 years ago

      it is very good i am using it for my baby and her skin is soft, smooth, and uniform. Try it and you will not regret.

    • profile image

      charles isinguzo 6 years ago

      i ran into this post and am glad to announce to you that this shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa) formerly (Butyrospermum parkii), was a project work of mine of which am willing to start importing the product to Poland, but wot am not sure of is it's expediency in Poland. I need info pls.

    • profile image

      Francis Enyan, Ghana 6 years ago

      How is the raw Shea nut graded? What are the main quality parameters that are looked at and which forms the bases for the quality grade? Because grade is a measure of quality and may influence decisions during purchases

    • profile image

      Paul Gerard 6 years ago

      Very informative and a thoughtful post. Shea butter is gaining success quickly in the United States. Here the best Shea butter on the market is arriving from Lagos Nigeria. We use the local Nigerian Shea butter every day and have had tremendous results. Our contact is Zac Idunorba at He has the best quality and quantity at fair pricing and is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your input.

    • profile image

      patsy adeyanju 6 years ago

      where do i get shea butter for wholesale.tnx

    • profile image

      Jenny 6 years ago

      Ori (sheanut butter) as i often am used to calling it i've found out is quite good. I've been using it now for almost a year since i realised it's usefulness and as a result that most of the foreign skin products i'd used in the past add a little amount to it and indicate specifically that 'ori' (sheanut butter) is inclusive, if you understand what i mean.

      My greatest concern is how that we have a lot of things we can export and make good money with for our dear country Nigeria other than crude oil alone. Like the Israelites are known widely for pure olive oil and that's like a trade mark all over. Our ori (sheanut butter) can as well be that all over the world.

    • profile image

      Kersey 6 years ago

      Purchase 100% Unrefined Pure & Natural Shea Butter/Ori/Okwuma/kadanya.

      Produced and Packaged by Kersey Venture


      Tel No: +234 813 926 0705, +234 806 856 3214, +234 805 306 1147


    • profile image

      Oliver Ukah 6 years ago

      I need information on how to get a large quantity of undiluted shea butter either in Mushin, Abeokuta & Ibadan. Pls, I will be highly grateful to you. My email address goes thus:


    • profile image

      akin akintola 6 years ago

      i will like to get in contact with large stockist of sheanut butter for good business

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 7 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      I read through all the questions above, and I can't believe that some of you really don't know how to get original, undiluted shea butter. I have lived here in the united states for 24 yrs, and I know you can walk right into any local market in Lagos, Ibadan and Abeokuta, and I believe most local market in Nigeria and buy pure Shea Butter. My mom usually will help me get it at Mushin or Olosha market off Agege motor road, Mushin, Lagos. It's called "Ori". It doesn't smell good, but the benefit of it is numerous. Yorubas like to cook with it.

      You will not find it in any of the manufactured cities, only in the old local markets.

    • profile image

      Adamu Modibbo 7 years ago

      Shea Trees grow in the forest of the Savannah. They are yet to be domesticated. The Butter is a big solutions to numerous ailments in the body for those using it in cooking and its a good treatment for all skin infections

    • profile image

      KUNLE GEORGE 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Happiness 7 years ago

      Yes, shea butter can be used on the face. Use a small amount so that it is not too greasy. It works wonders on the skin and hair

    • profile image

      Jane. Abuja. 7 years ago

      I love this but can shea butter be use on the face?

    • profile image

      Harriet 7 years ago

      Where can one find unrefined sheabutter in Nigeria Rivers state.

    • profile image

      Efiok Ekpenyong - Efiok 7 years ago

      Great piece, quite insightful, good job.I would need to network on ways to harness the potentials of these wonderful crop. Thanks for posting this Ba, it's been quite helpful.

      I'd appreciate we get in touch

    • profile image

      remilekun 7 years ago

      Nice information on shea butter usefulness but where exactly in Nigeria can one get the original. Recently I bought from the local shop yet i feel greasy when i rub it though it smell beige, does that means it is fake?

    • profile image

      olaitan 7 years ago

      tanks for the comment on she abutter, but what can steel be done to make sure that we make she abutter more available,affordable and easier to get for the society,



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