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Where to Buy Etude House Online

Updated on January 11, 2013
An Etude House advertisement.
An Etude House advertisement.
An Etude House advertisement image for a lip tint product.
An Etude House advertisement image for a lip tint product.

Etude House is a South Korean cosmetic company. They have a large assortment of cosmetic products best suited for fair skin women. The company has stores all across Asia, most notably in their home country of South Korea and Singapore.

The company has a very "girly" feel with lots of pink and peach colors in their products and advertisements. Many of the Etude House shops also have a fairytale princess theme.

If you don't live in Asia, it can be difficult to obtain authentic products. Even so, there are many places you can purchase them online.

Buy From eBay

One of the easiest places to purchase Etude House products online is through eBay. eBay has many sellers who ship items straight from South Korea. These sellers, with high feedback, are reputable and ship authentic products.

The problem with eBay are the sellers with low feedback and who live in Hong Kong or elsewhere in China. These sellers usually sell counterfeit products, so it would be best to only purchase from reputable sellers who ship directly from South Korea. Always be sure to view the seller's feedback and location. Examples of good eBay sellers include BeautyHolicKR (unnishop), RubyRubyShop and Cosmetic Market. I am not affiliated with any of these sellers - I have purchased from all of these sellers multiple times and have had nothing but good experiences.


Amazon has many sellers who sell Etude House products. Most of these sellers ship them directly from South Korea. Others may be fulfilled by Amazon. Before you purchase a product through this website, be sure to view the seller's profile. Always purchase products from a seller living in South Korea and never China. If a seller is selling from the United States, chances are the product is authentic, however, the price will be higher because the seller already imported the item from South Korea. The upside is that you will not have to wait several weeks and instead it should only take days to receive the product. As always, be sure to check the seller's feedback.

Cosmetic Websites

There are many websites that sell cosmetic products. While many do offer quick shipping and genuine products, it is best to stick to well known sites. One example of a website is Cosmetic Love. This website offers free shipping and samples with every purchase. You can also accumulate rewards points which you can use toward items in the shop.


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