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Which Tattoo Is Right For You?

Updated on May 22, 2011

Beautiful Art On The Human Canvas

Every so often when I go to the beach I see people with really great looking tattoos and then I start thinking that I want one too. I'm sure I am not the only one. If you're reading this article I'm sure you feel the same way too.

But as you know already if you do get a tattoo you really have to choose the right one. You have to choose the right art and most importantly you have to choose the right artist. Because an excellent tattoo artist can make a bad or messed up tattoo still look good. While a bad tattoo artists will just make things even worst right?

So in my opinion I would take the most time in finding the right artist. Everything should not be rushed becaues there really is no need for it to be rushed.

If you need ideas for tattoos or more information you should check out "Tattoo Me Now" or "Chopper Tattoo". Both of these websites offer an in depth information on tattoo art selection as well as tattoo artist selection.

Plus there are forums with members who you can speak to and they can share their opinions with you as well as give you references on tattoo artists in your area.

I've tried both of them out and so far I think the best part of these tattoo websites is the forums. There are a lot of tattoo samples for you to draw out some inspiration. Whatever you can imagine for tattoo ideas and samples those websites have them. Believe me, its a total tattoo enyclopedia.

I've been in contact with several people so far on the forums and they've recommended several talented tattoo artists in my area. I've made an appointment already to consult with them and I'm really psyched.

Me personally I'm looking for a japanese style tattoo with a tiger and water background. I found some really nice artwork idea samples from "Chopper Tattoo". I wouldn't use the same exact sample on myself, so I would have the artist make changes to it so it will look unique.

Good luck in your tattoo search!

When I get my new tattoo I'll post up some pictures!

What Kind Of Tattoo Are You?

For many people the type of tattoo represents who they really are. And yet sometimes it represents who they want to be. So in a way it reveals a little bit about their soul and character. It reveals something that no one else knows about except for themselves.

Did You Know?

In Thailand's culture, tattoos are revered as well as feared. Thai monks have tattoos with words of preaching and peaceful blessing by Buddha. Then there are gang members who have tattoos of protection from physical and magical harm. I have a friend in Thailand who swore that his buddy who had his back tattooed with magical incantations was in a fight with a guy carrying a knife. They were close to each other and he did not get a single cut on his body. Whether it is true or not I don't know. You can check out a picture of a Thai Tattoo below.

Thai Tattoo Blessing
Thai Tattoo Blessing

Japanese Tattoo Techniques - A Lost Art Reborn

The Japanese are one of the worlds most well known artists. Whether it is artwork done on silk screen, comic books and pop culture, they remain the most creative and innovative people.

The same is true for Tattoos Japan. But Tattoos started in the underground subculture of Japan. Long ago in the feudal days of when Shoguns and Warlords ruled Japan, it was common to mark people who commit crimes with a tattoo usually on the forhead. That permanent tattoo was a one way tick to banishment.

Fast forward to the modern era and we see that tattoos are still marked upon criminals. But these criminals were not common every day thugs. And they were not tattooed against their will by some jailer with ink and a chisel. No, these organized criminals were tattooed by skilled artists.

And these tattoo artists' clients are called the Yakuza. The eastern counterpart of the Italian Mafia. The Yakuza bore full bodied tattoos called "donburi". And their tattoos were not applied with any modern methods. For them there tattoos can only be applied by a century old technique, the oldest tool possessed by man. The human hand and some simple hand tools were the only equipment a skilled artisan would use to turn a man's body into a live artwork canvas.

Full body tattoos are so popular now that many art collectors are actually buying the full body tattooed skins of dead Yakuzas. Though this fact is rarely talked about so often enough the tattooed skins are traded in the black market.

Some Great Books On Tattoo Art!


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