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Whoever Said Diamonds Are Not A Girls Best Friend Didn't Have One

Updated on November 2, 2010

The Key To Your Heart

A Girls Best Friend Because

Have you ever noticed how women keep there jewelry pretty much forever, unless it's handed down to the next generation, and wondered why. It's because of the memories it carries with it.

Whether it was from your first Xmas together, or birthday, or that walk on the beach. Sometimes it's from just a special friend, your mother or father. I have on a ring with a tiny little single diamond in it, shaped like a V, that I will probably take with me to my grave. My father gave it to me many, many years ago, and now that he is gone I have a part of him with me everyday, (luv ya and miss ya dad) It's like being able to look into a looking glass and see the past.

Sometimes jewelry makes a statement like giving her the key to your heart. Some even go to the trouble of having them engraved so the message is never forgotten.

If it's a mother's band with all the gemstones of her children birthdays it will last a lifetime

Maybe It's Time To Pop The Question

When the time comes to ask someone to spend the rest of your lives together as husband and wife, it will be a day that will be talked about for a long time. I can remember asking my mom and dad how they met, even my grandparents. Of course some of the time the stories don't quite match which can only mean one thing, they've been together a long time.

Of course once the bride to be has a minute alone you know she's calling everybody to tell the news and where can they meet to show off the new ring. There always seems to be the flaunting period where that hand is used more for wiping the face, fixing a garment, or something to where it's high enough to be noticed than ever before.

Once couples have been together awhile sometimes they renew their vows which is a perfect time to add an extra diamond to an existing ring or get a new ring with a bigger one Which says basically they've been putting up with your crap for a long time, (sorry I was getting a little to mushy there)

Then There's The I Just Think Your The Greatest

It doesn't matter if your wanting to say "Thanks for being a great kid", or "Your something special" cute is always the way to go. It will be cherished by a child forever, (believe me I know) or maybe you just started seeing someone and not really sure where it's headed yet.

Of course there is always the dinner ring, or a pendant with a gemstone and a couple of diamonds, for that special someone like your mother, daughter, sister, or just someone who has been a good friend through thick and thin.

Wow That Ring Is Going On My Wishlist

Stunning and brilliant the ring says it all. A beautiful mixture of tanzanites and diamonds that will always be a conversation piece. I can't believe how inexpensive it is. Wow I love that ring. I think that might just be a present to me for working so hard.

No matter what your looking for I'm sure you'll find it, from the really on a budget to going all out. There are some more listed below, and look at those blue diamonds.

Have an incredible day and ladies if your looking for that special something they have plenty of jewelry for the man in your life, or if your looking for something different click on something different It's a great place for ideas for the hard to buy for.

Make it an incredible day and happy shopping


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