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Electric vs Wet: Why An Electric Shave Is Better Than Wet Shaving

Updated on September 12, 2013

Shaving. Some men enjoy doing it, many don’t, but unless you want to grow a beard, it has to be done. What many search for is a way to do it that is easy and effective, with the minimum of time and hassle. The answer is an electric shave with a rechargeable shaver. But why is it better than wet shaving?

With wet shaving, you are limited to doing it in a room, such as the bathroom, as you need to use hot water. An electric shave with a rechargeable electric shaver can be done anywhere, great if you want to multi-task and ideal if you need to have a shave but also want to catch the game on TV at the same time. The risk of cuts, abrasions and skin irritations are minimal with an electric shaver compared to wet shaving, (though any small breaks or holes in the foil can have an affect on the cutting quality and can result in small cuts to the skin, so check it regularly).

Shaving | Source
Rotary Head
Rotary Head | Source
Foil Head
Foil Head | Source

As for cost, after the initial outlay, electric shavers cost next to nothing to use, compared with the constant replacing of shaver heads for wet shaving, as well as shave foam or gel. With an electric shaver you can say goodbye to having to remember to buy these products or the annoyance of discovering in the morning before work that you have run out and had forgotten to buy more.

There is also a reduction in waste, with no more of your shaver heads and aerosol cans going into landfill. So, if you do decide shaving with a rechargeable shaver is the way to go, how do you choose the right model?

Chosing the right model.


Look at models with a quick recharge mode. This allows a quick recharge that should give enough power for one shave. Also look for how long it takes for the shaver to have a full recharge. The advantage of rechargeable, as mentioned, is that they can be used away from a power source. Though they have to be recharged regularly, this is not a problem unless you are somewhere without electricity, but to be honest, unless you are wild camping, how often does this happen?


There are two types of head, either rotary or foil. Hairs pass through the holes in the foil and are cut by the moving cutting heads beneath. It is a mixture of trial and error and personal choice as to which type will best suit you. A shaver with more heads will typically give a quicker shave, and is more suited to coping with beard hair that is longer. Ideal after a weekend break from shaving. It is a good idea to choose a model which has moveable heads that follow the contours of the face. This will allow for a smoother, more even shave, comparable to the finish you can get from wet shaving.


If you do decide to use your rechargeable shaver in the bathroom, it’s worth choosing a model that is waterproof. Some models can be washed, ideal for cleaning, but are not fully waterproof so not safe to use in the bath or shower, whereas a fully water proof model can be used at the same time as bathing or showering. Ideal for saving time, and perfect if you like to have your shave while sitting in the bath.

So there you have it, the reasons why an electric shavewith a rechargeable shaver is better than wet shaving.


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