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Why Buy Fossil JR9855 Women’s Leather Watches

Updated on June 28, 2010

The Fossil Leather Watch for Women

Beauty is what most ladies if not all would want to have, this can be achieve in different ways and one of the ways for women to be extraordinary pleasing to the eye is by wearing the Fossil JR9855 women’s watches and why so? The statistics at Amazon shows that among those ladies who view this product at Amazon about 81% buy this women watch for the first time their eyes is set on it, only 19% buy related watches. The above statistics which is available at Amazon only explain how many women value this particular product. Below are some of the reasons why many women buy the Fossil JR9855 Women watch

Women Fossil Watch description

Band Colour : Tan leather with contrasting stitching, this makes it stand out from many women watches available in many store, the beauty looking texture can be noticed from far, the color is soft and smooth, the watch also has Dial Colour which is Pink with two hand movement

Leather watch for women

Case colour : Polished stainless steel

If one thing that would have kept you from buying this product could have been the ease at which it can get stain but this has been taken care of by the polished stainless steel, this makes your watch retains its original color without spending extra cost to add additional case

Availability features

Women Fossils JR9855 is readily available online from big store like Amazon where you will be able to get comments and reviews from satisfied and dissatisfied owners of this watch telling their side of the story. With online store you don’t have to walk from location to location looking for the fossil watches but within a click of a mouse you will be able to get one of the best online stores that will give the best price

Cost effective

The women fossil watches is available at Amazon at a discounted or fair price which most ladies can afford without stretching your already stretched budget, before buying just ensure that you are buying the original product and that’s why Amazon will guarantee that you buy the original women watches from their stores

Women Fossil Durability

This is one of the women watches that will be able to last long if it’s taken care of well, avoid scenarios where you may be dropping the watch down as this may break the watch, check out from the below shopping portal provided by Amazon on this page or proceed to Amazon to find the varieties of these watches


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