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Why Women Wear Hijab? Perks of Being a Hijabi

Updated on June 3, 2017
Mahrukh Khalid profile image

Hi! I'm Mahrukh Khalid,a senior in high school, I love to write and make people feel good about themselves so I'll do just that :)


What is a Hijab?

A hijab is a style of clothing that covers a woman's hair, neck and chest and not allowing her curves from being prominent. Muslim women wear it, however, it is similar to what nuns wear at church. It is a sign of modesty and purity, which is obviously why nuns wear it with such pride.

But, can there be other reasons to wearing it?

A Hijabi doodle made by me.
A Hijabi doodle made by me.

Increase in the number of Hijabis'

Is Hijab the latest fashion statement? Well, of course not! But then, why have so many women started wearing a Hijab?

For the non-hijabis out there, you are oblivious of the perks.

Muslim women wearing tight jeans and short shirts seem to have become a camouflage as no one can tell that their a Muslim. Wearing a Hijab gives you an identity of a Muslim women, is that bad? For a few it might be but most of the hijabis love wearing a Hijab. Why is that?

In another context, have you ever seen a nun wearing a mini-skirt. I'm sure your storming, "NO!".

Reason # 1 "Don't mess with a Hijabi!"

Hijab is a wall with a big bill board which says, "I'm a practicing Muslim so be careful of what you say to me."

I don't know if you've heard of the phrase, "Don't mess with a Hijabi!" Let me explain it for you. For example a Hijabi is sitting in a coffee shop minding her own business when a guy who often stops by the shop to flirt with girls comes by and obviously avoids contact because he knows she's not that kind of a girl. You understand where I'm going with this?

Similarly, would you bad-mouth in front of a nun. Of course not! It would be considered a sign of disrespect. But if you do, I think you're summoning a death wish.


Reason # 2: People respect you

There are a lot of people who are unable to practice their religion so they respect you because you are able to. But that doesn't give you a reason to boast about it.

Reason # 3: People come to you for advice

Wearing a hijab shows you know a few things about your scripture. So, they ask you for help in understanding and following the religion.


Reason # 4: You are an inspiration!

Being a practicing Muslim makes you a driving motivational force for Muslims who are struggling to practice it. Its like saying, "If I can do it, you can do it too!."

I'm sure you have seen how nuns encourage the people around them to do good deeds, avoid lying and so on.


Reason # 5: Women power!

Its a shout out to women power. Wearing a Hijab tells people that a women is able to do anything. It shows that she is not just an object, pleasant to the eye and people shouldn't judge her for what she looks like or what she wears rather what is in her heart.

Reason # 6: You are showing care

You are helping men with weak will power. Covering your body and wearing a hijab prevents them from struggling from preventing themselves to assault you. Thus saves your chastity and so saves your respect as not only a Muslim but a women.

What do you think?

The perks are plenty but it depends on you if your going to take advantage of them.


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    • Mahrukh Khalid profile image

      Mahrukh Khalid 10 months ago

      Thank you for the appreciation! Made my day :D

    • nipster profile image

      nipster 10 months ago

      This article is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!

      Section 1: When you respect your religion others respect it too. I don't hit on girls wearing a hijab they're either interested or not and that's all to it. If we're all sitting at McDonalds and there's a girl with a hijab on at the table I won't even order a sausage biscuit. I'm eatin chicken biscuits all day.

      Section 3: I'm Christian but, I realize there's a lot to learn from every religion and religious specification doesn't dictate intellectual, or emotional competence. It's a lot easier to talk to serious muslims than most members in my church.

      Section 6: First, let me specify. All men must respect women. It's not a woman's fault if a man doesn't repect her BUT, I have a much greater appreciation. I have a much higher level of respect for women who are dressed conservatively because mentally( and subconciously) it says "I am not just a meet and greet. We are going to be (friends, lovers, business partners, coworkers etc.) for a long time or I'm just going to save both us time and leave now."

      Amazing article! keep up the good work!