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Why Natural Hair

Updated on February 14, 2014

Things you should know about Relaxed VS Natural Hair

I know we all think that we are doing the best thing to our hair by relaxing it. Not everyone knows how to rock Natural Hair Styles, and that makes them uncomfortable. Well look at it this way, Do you rather have major problems to deal with as your hair ages with you or stronger and healthier hair. Some people are just not educated about their hair so they tend to learn when

  • Its too late
  • they hair needs to be chopped due to damage
  • they need to wear hair extensions to try to retain hair
  • become extremely frustrated because they no longer have the hair they once desired

I UNDERSTAND!! I have been there, and this is all the reasons why I decided to transition

My Transitioning Experience from Relaxed to Natural Hair

Making the decision to go natural is one that was way over due. I can relate to both sides as I was first a Perm queen and now as a Natural haired Goddess. For almost 16 years I relaxed my hair almost every other month. I naturally have very thick and curly hair, so I always felt the need to perm it often. However, 16 years later and now going on 2 years I have been 100% A Natural HAIR Goddess!! No perms, no hair coloring, not anything. However people still seem to think I have a relaxer in my hair, I have been asked on the train, in the stores and in the street; what kind of relaxer/perm do I use? "your hair is so straight and shinny" I simply reply, I don't use any chemicals whatsoever $6, and I see it in their faces they don't believe me as they start to walk away.

Now! I do flat Iron my hair, when you start to go the natural hair route all of your natural hair oils start to come out and glow on its own, providing all that it needs to grow strong and healthy. Now there is a Warning that comes along with this process of flat ironing your hair regardless to permed or natural hair. Its calledHeat Damage!

I will have another article explaining heat damage and how to cure your hair from it. Do note that When you perm your hair and weave it, you can damage your hair a lot more. Many girls perm they have so that they can add extensions and/or weave. Not realizing that you are damaging your hair even more when doing so. the pulling of your hair for these styles helps thinning the hair. This Picture can be the results to the ultimate damaged hair.

Damaged hair VS Natural hair


My Reason for Transitioning

I remember being afraid of losing all my hair and great texture. I use to wash my hair and see so much of it coming out as I comb it through with conditioner. Knowing that I have full and thick hair I never needed a perm, but honestly I was just too lazy to deal with all my hair, and I was not thinking I can go natural and look good at the same time, basically be happy with my hair.

What I found interesting is how I felt when I did perm my hair. My hair would not stay straight, the longest it would last is two weeks, by the third week my hair would automatically curl up. Even after getting a perm my hair was always curly, I had to flat iron it always. Perms never truly worked for me. I found myself trying different relaxers to see which one worked for me the best, when all I was really doing is damaging my hair even more. I was never satisfied, there was too much I had to do to get just a few days of straight hair. Now here I go finding myself getting a perm/touch up every other month at least. I also would still have to use the flat iron as well, not realizing that I was continuously giving my hair heat damage.

Heat Damage comes with blow drying your hair and flat iron on consistent bases, not only every time I went to get a perm but also during the two month period I waited to get a touch up. Just think, if you go to get a wash and set about every two weeks, some people do it every week, think about how many times you sit under the dryer and after they blow your hair out with a hand dryer. Then when your at home you dry and curl your hair along with flat ironing it. That is a ton of heat on your hair, and after a while it will start to show its suffering stage. I myself personally experience all of this and much more which made it easy for me to decide to try the natural hair route, because clearly my hair was frustrated more then I was.

Healthy Hair VS Damage Hair (You Decide)


Chemicals in Your Hair
Natural Hair
Your hair starts thinning
Your hair gets stronger
Dried out hair
Hair retains its natural oils
Rough Texture
Soft and moisturized
Full hair Growth
Split ends
Hair Thickens
Spend a lot of money on
Save a lot of money

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair tips

TIPS for you!

There are very few simple steps to take when transitioning from permed to natural hair. I used the Curly Girl Method when I started in order to save my hair from heat damage by not using any flat irons or blow dryers. This was done to allow my hair to grow healthy at its best. Now if and when when I flat iron my hair it looks even better and much healthier without all the grassy ends. (That's what I call dry split ends) I feel so much more confident putting all the attention that is needed to my hair instead of paying someone to help build the damage in the long run. I would have no one to blame but myself and now I can thank myself for being bold and beautiful with my natural hair. Along the side is a great video that I just love, it helps you to understand the transition stage for those who are thinking of going natural or asking Why Natural!!

My Satisfaction

Now after being Purely Natural with no chemicals what so ever for almost two years, I am In Love with my hair!! I have never felt this way before or shell i say a very long time. The growth and development has been a great journey. My hair is my new life style!

What I love the most is the amount of money I save, and the time I spent damaging it going back and forth to the salon, I now put all that time into my hair and give it Tender Love and Care! My hair stays straighter at longer periods of time now that I don't perm it more then it ever did when relaxing it. Crazy but true, Oh and I do not shampoo my hair anymore, I use cleansing conditioner! I don't see me getting a perm ever again...

Below I will put a few hair products that you can use to start your hair growth the natural way and some overall great products even if you still relax your hair.


What About You

Have you ever thought about transitioning from Relaxed/Permed to Natural hair ?

See results


DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!! I myself did a lot of research on natural hair, the ways of styling it and the transition stage. It took some time but it also helped me in so many ways. I was able to pick and choose what will work best for me and try different things as well. I learn so much more as I continue the process. The feeling of being totally in love with my hair now has allowed me to build such a passion for it and now I am helping others with their transition from relaxed to natural. I know how addictive it can be when your a person who chooses relaxers over natural hair. I am also in the known of damaged hair because of relaxers etc.. So if you are interested in saving your hair and going natural. I am here to tell you IT WORKS!!! You will not be disappointed, it does take time but all worth the waiting period, after the first 6 months to a year you will see the drastic difference in you hair. I promise you will be all smiles!! But remember,No Heat and No Weaving Extensions and most of all no Chemicals!! Great Luck!


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