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Why People Love Paul Labrecque Salons

Updated on January 20, 2010

Even those of us who don’t live in New York know that Manhattan women don’t leave the house with bad hair.  Just walk down the streets of the city and you’ll see ladies everywhere who have designer shoes on their busy feet and perfectly coifed hair atop their intelligent heads.  And if you look further, you’ll notice that they don’t follow trends so much as they find their own hair style and make it work for them.  That commitment to individual style without sacrificing any absolute beauty is the reason that the Manhattan salons of Paul Labrecque are so popular.

Labrecque’s name is associated with beautiful hair but it’s known for so much more than that; his style is to take a long, deep look into the heart of who each of his clients is and to give her the look that brings that woman out to greet the world.  Starting off in the late 1980’s (after training in London) with his first small salon, Labrecque quickly gained local fame for his ability to stay on top of the latest trends but to alter them with personalized service and style to make each hairstyle that left his salon one which would make heads turn.

A trip to one of Paul Labrecque’s two salons is more than just a day of going to get your hair cut.  More than anyone else, New York’s women need the break in their busy days to enjoy being pampered.  Labrecque’s salons offer spa services which let women step in to one spot to relax, rejuvenate and re-beautify.  Masks, make-up and massage make up the majority of services enjoyed at the spa, but Labrecque also offers multiple forms of hair removal and even special services like those for brides-to-be.  Every woman can find herself inside of this salon.

The women of New York may be the ones who are in love with the attention given to them by Paul Labrecque and his personally-trained staff, but the men of New York aren’t hesitant to mention his name either.  In fact, Labrecque caters to the needs of New York men with a salon that double as a Gentleman’s Club.  His services are so loved that many famous names stop at the salon to get the Labrecque treatment.  From the top celebrities in the world to the average woman on the street, Labrecque’s straight-to-your-core ability to create beauty has a positive effect on everyone.

It may be worth the plane ticket for non-New Yorkers to head to Manhattan to get the Labrecque treatment.  But if you want to get that “look at me” look for your hair without traveling to New York, you can be well on your busy way by using Labrecque’s line of hair care products.  Styling brushes, creative color and hair repair kits all help you to put your best foot forward.  Of course, you’ll have to find someone at home to help give you that special attention that Labrecque’s salons are known for; but when you look as good as the products can make you look, it shouldn’t be too hard to find that person.


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    11 years ago

    I am glad that you pointed out that New Yorkers are ahead in the fashion industry and hair design. I live near Chicago, and we are far behing in high class dress and hair do's. I may have to take another trip to New York.



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