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Why Vitamin A Swimwear is the Brand To Beat

Updated on February 26, 2015

It's always a great sign when you see designer swimwear brands maintaining longevity in the fashion industry. So many brands rise and fall every year, but there are a few bikini brands that blossom into stars. Vitamin A Swimwear is one of those brands.

Vitamin A Swimwear's tagline reads just as their collection looks: This is No Ordinary Bikini. When you combine sophisticated cuts and modern, trendy colors, you get one of the hottest 2015 collections around.

Vitamin A Swimwear dresses the typical California-kind-of-girl, that has one main thing on her mind: the beach. What Vitamin A Swimwear does is offer purse-friendly separates with fashion forward style. When you have reversible pieces combined with a variety of cuts and styles, every customer of the Vitamin A brand becomes their own designer.

Vitamin A's tropical destinations influence their swimwear with pops of ocean colors and geometric patterns. The seams are flat against the body, the quality is ever-so-careful, and the fit is super slimming on the skin. Add some boost to your bust and that is Vitamin A Swimwear.

The brand is all about sun-kissed California style. What began in 2000 with the California cut, has now become an iconic cut in the swimwear industry. Not to mention, Vitamin A also dove headfirst into resortwear and beach accessories. Thus being why Vitamin A Swimwear is so popular amongst some of Hollywood's elite. Think, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a few.

Designer: Amahlia Stevens

Growing up in Los Angeles between the glamour and beauty of nature in Hollywood, Amahlia Stevens developed a modernist, almost effortless approach to life and to style. Stevens studies art history in London, but came back to California and graduated from Art Center College of Design. The kicker? Stevens modeled swimwear on the side. Thus began the love for designer swimwear.

Steven then spent the better part of a decade as a fashion consultant, developing for well-known brands in the sportswear and surfing industry. Stevens traveled the globe in search for inspiration for such brands like Hollister Co., Patagonia, and Stussy. But one thing eluded Stevens as she continued her hunt: the perfect bikini.

Amahlia created the "California Cut" which was a flattering signature silhouette meticulously crafted. Stevens infused her laid-back modernist upbringing into her designs. With a modernist aesthetic and a passion for long-term sustainability, Stevens makes Vitamin A an eco-friendly brand.

Environmentally Conscious

Vitamin A Swimwear is the perfect blend of substance and style. They have been changing the face of swimwear with key design innovations and chic designs. But once the brand infused sustainability, they lightened their environmental footprint and ultimately raised the bar for designer swimwear.

Vitamin A set the bar with Ecolux, an exclusive, superfine matte jersey swimsuit fabric produced locally in California. This fabric uses Repreve recycled fabric to conserve resources and extend the life of each swimsuit far beyond that of normal spandex products. Also used, are waterless digital printing technologies, which uses factories that conserve water and energy use.

During every step of the process, Vitamin A is involved, making sure they are crafting well-made products meant to last in ethically approved facilities. Did we also mention they donate a percentage of profits to environmental organizations? Well, they do!

Check out some of the best looks from the 2015 Vitamin A Swimwear Collection.

Neutra Daiquiri Bikini

Neutra Point Wrap Bikini

Sail Stripe Rashguard

Brena Navy Monokini

Lola One Shoulder Romper

Opposites Attract Rashguard

Which style are you most excited to purchase this 2015 swimwear season?

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