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Pretty Hair Bows For Men And Women

Updated on April 19, 2010

Wearing a pretty bow in your hair is a no-lose way to look instantly fashionable, no matter what gender you are. Whilst females may find bows more accessible, because they grew up having 'girly' things shoved in their face on such a regular basis that they eventually started to feel guilty and weird if they didn't look pretty and feminine, men have a solid historical claim to bows that cannot, and in this article, shall not, be overlooked.

Back in the good old days of men's fashion, where a man could flounce about the place with rolls of lace pouring out from his neckline and simply lop the head off anyone who dared snicker in plebeian type fashion, bows were an acceptable means of tying back male hair. Granted, male hair was quite often worn long in those days. These days, long hair probably means that you've taken at least one computer science class in your time and that there is a better than even chance you know what a D20 is,  but once upon a time, it was not only the marginalized intellectual elite that wore their hair long, it was any man who wanted to be stylish.

Modern fashion has dictated that if a man must wear a bow, he should wear it around his neck. But I say nay! Let us not let men languish with their bows around their neck! Let us raise up men and their bows to the rightful places where they belong, adorning their locks, which are every bit as beautiful for being masculine as any lady's hair.

Wearing a pretty bow is a way of reclaiming not just femininity, or in some cases, not femininity at all, but rather the dash and panache of fashion as belongs to men. Men should not have to languish with short back and sides in order to be taken seriously. Their hair should flow as they see fit, and should it become unruly, perhaps whilst out riding a horse across the moors, or taking tea with a lovely lady, it should be tied back with a wide, proud bow, not a nasty cheap little elastic tie that will most certainly break at the most inopportune moment possible. (Oh how I loathe the, little cheap elastic hair ties, your tensile strength is never what it should be.)

So then, let us, female and male alike, reclaim the beauty and the fashion bounty of the bow. Let us not shy from it in fear of retribution from our fellow man, but let us celebrate the twists and turns and ultimate futility of assigning meaning to mere fashion trends.

Bring back the bow!


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    • profile image

      anonybutt 8 years ago

      Ahh, good topic. I am afflicted with an adoration of cute girlie hair styles and a seeming inability to pull it off.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Don't let that stand in your way ;)

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Of course, some of us don't have enough hair to tie back. ;-)