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Why do people want orange spray tan ? People with kidney failure and jaundice are that color but wish they were not!!

Updated on August 21, 2012

Oh yeah this is an allergic reaction to fake tan. Sexy? No?

Why do people want to be orange?

Seriously. I can't stand seeing orange people every where. It looks scary. If a midwife had seen you that colour when you were a baby, they would have told your mother you had jaundice. Be happy the colour you were born.

People may think that having a spray tan is a safer option that going on sun beds and getting cancer. But have you ever stopped to think what chemicals are in spray on tans?

The main ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This causes a reaction in the skin and that is what turns the skin a different colour. Usually that of an Oompah Loompah.

But there can be as many as 45 different ingredients in a spray tan. I can see a new cancer issue on the horizons. I really hope not. But what have we started doing? We are so worried about what chemicals we consume,but are too stupid to realise that chemicals on the skin get absorbed into our bodies.

If you are asthmatic you run the risk of having an attack because the DHA was never approved by the FDA to be used as a chemical to be inhaled. If it is in molecule form and sprayed in droplets, you will inhale some. Have fun with the assistant while she stands gorping at your breathless self because even she didn't have a clue.

And in time of economical strain I find it absurd that people on social income are getting spray tans instead of feeding their children properly. That is how far the epidemic has stretched. I mean really? So you become poorly through chemical exposure and your children will develop health problems because you are feeding them cheap processed food to save for a spray tan.

Gone are the days when the masses strived for better pay and better living conditions. Now they strive for orange bodies and empty heads. What a way to start the new Millennium.

Think of what you could do with that money if you learnt to appreciate the colour you were naturally meant to be.

On average a spray tan will cost around £30. So in a year that would cost approximately £1560 if you have one a week.

That would buy you.

1) A new sofa for your home.

2) A new bathroom.

3) A year ticket to travel the world.

4) Your own car

5) Your gas and electricity for a year

6) Would help pay your mortgage off earlier. If you used this to over pay your mortgage. You would be paying it all off the capital instead of mainly interest as your regular payment does.

I know which I would rather do.

Nasty spray tan


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  • Mrs Cookie profile image

    Mrs Cookie 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom

    This hub is so funny ... and so true!

    I wouldn't even consider daubing my skin with chemicals simply to look like I had a tan. I just don't see the point and if people don't like the pasty white look then that is their problem not mine.

    The media has a lot to answer to!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Wow! Good information.

  • Tracy Lynn Conway profile image

    Tracy Lynn Conway 

    8 years ago from Virginia, USA

    Freedom for me was beginning to love my fair complexion. An older definition of fair is beautiful. When I was a teen my best friend and I would sunbathe, she would get tan (she had olive skin) and I would get slightly less white, it was so unhealthy and what a waste of time. I have tried some of the tanning creams and you are right, they really make you look orange. How silly is that? It would be great for people to try to look their personal best rather than like someone else. That is a shame that Moms compromise their children's health for this! Great hub!

  • rachelsholiday profile image


    8 years ago

    What an awesome hub! Every few years I'll buy a 10 tan package for a tanning bed, but if I want a tan I prefer to get it the natural way. By putting on a bathing suit and sitting on my balcony with a book. Way more relaxing, and a lot more healthy.

  • Babbling Diva profile image

    Babbling Diva 

    8 years ago from U.S.A

    How true is this hub!! People have been spray tanning for years, and it has became even more popular since the whole Jersey Shore show. I love JS but Im not a follower, and although I don't have this tanning issue, I do have friends that do, and it is so not cute! Maybe if they read this hub they will think twice!! Great Hub!


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