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Two Reasons Why the Clothes Do Make the Man

Updated on December 1, 2014

Clothes do make the man

Check out the picture on the right. Of the men in the picture which of the men are you draws your attention - the man with suit, the man in the jeans or the man in the black shirt? Chances are you said the man in the suit first, unless of course either of the men are extremely handsome then the suit would not matter.

Clothes do make the man or woman. Here are some reasons why.


Clothes help us stand out of or blend into the crowd

According to a 2010 study, "Women judge the same man as deferentially attractive (in terms of his looks) as a function of the status of his clothes." Think about it if you're a single woman who is out at a restaurant with friends and two men walk in, one is dressed in a nice shirt and pants is clean shaven and is groomed really well, while the other is the epitome of shabby non-.chic,i.e. wearing his work clothes and grabbing a drink on his way home. Which one are you drawn to?

Hey guys were not totally off the hook. We also judge women by what they're wearing but to a lesser degree. If a woman like Jennifer Aniston walked into a bar wearing sweat pants, an old t-shirt and no makeup would the average guy be drawn to her? Maybe not such a good illustration but you get the idea.

Clothes do help make the man or woman stand out of the crowd or if they desire to blend in with the crowd.


Clothes make a statement about who we are

First impressions aside, a man or woman's choice of clothing makes a strong visual statement about who are at a certain point of time in the day or for the entirety of our lives. At work business appropriate attire may be the norm but who we are is how we dress in our down time. Our inner personality is reflected in the clothing we pick up off the rack when go shopping.

Some men or women live to dress to impress those around them. They always have to look their best not for themselves but for the compliments they hope to receive from others. Still others could care less about what people think of their attire. We've all seen them. The men who wears a suit and tie to a baseball game or the woman who has her best clothes on at a hockey game.

Others make their statement by dressing the way they want and saying to the world, this is who I am, like me or not. In the end clothes do make the man or woman because they help to signal to others about who we are or are pretending to be.

Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

© 2014 T.B Whitt


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Two very good points. I sometimes compare clothes to the candy wrapper. It is supposed to hide the candy, but it lists the ingredients, giving good clues about the person inside (agreeing with you).