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Wig Journey

Updated on September 8, 2016
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I am Arielle a college student who's having fun with the trial and errors of life. GLS 25 GLS 25

First Reaction: Friday Nigh Hair GLS34

A Good Friday Night...HAIR

I recently joined the wig world, while I transition my hair from relaxed to its natural state. I decided to do a review because the Internet lied to me, I feel betrayed. When buying things online I usually do my research on YouTube. The problem with that was that I only saw videos from YouTubers who were sponsored. I felt like they were given the good quality of hair and therefore their reviews could not be valid.

My first wig purchased was from, for my birthday photo-shoot. The GLS 25 is one of the popular synthetic lace front wigs on the website. The order took about five days to arrive from USPS and I was not disappointed. This wig was full and the lace was magically invisible when applied on. Also the hairline of the wig looks natural with a 1-2 inches for parting. My photos turned out great with the help of my hair. When wearing the wig out in public I always receive complement on how good and natural it looks. The cons of this hair is it’s not an everyday wig, it’s a wig for those fun FRIDAY NIGHTS. I have had this wig for about three months and have worn it three times it still looks decent, but it’s starting to look frizzy. The GLS 25 does tangle but I have not experienced any shedding. When I am done wearing my wig I put the hairnet back on the wig and place it back into its original plastic packaging. It is worth the $50, to look fabulous on the go!

Since the first Friday Night Hair was fabulous, I decided to make a second purchase with the GLS34. I needed an everyday wig for work, something that was simple and not too flashy. The GLS34 is a simple soft lace front wig with slight body curls at the bottom. Just like the previous wig it came with about an inch of space for parting with two combs in the front and one in the back for a secure fit. Before cutting or manipulating the wig there was shedding and slight tangling. When I was done wearing the wig I placed it back into its original plastic packaging with the hair net. This method did not help preserving the hair. Within a couple of weeks of being worn a couple of times and in its original packaging, the hair began to look like a rats nest at the ends. It didn’t matter how much I brushed or combed the hair the ends could not be resuscitated. The only thing to save the hair was the cut the ends off. This second purchase confirms to me that Friday Night Hair is only good for that FRIDAY NIGHT! The GLS34 is a slightly cheaper style on, but I would not recommend this style.


I am a college student and I am always looking for ways to save money while still looking fabulous. So I did my research on wigs and found a website called, where I found affordable wigs, some under $20. The website seems to always have a 30% off with free shipping on orders $50 and over. I initially was going to buy two but the price of shipping was an extra wig so I ended up with three. The wigs that I bought were the Outré: Amber, Model Model: Joy, and Isis: Super MW07. These wigs would have taken five business days to arrive but since there was a holiday it took six.

Outre Amber

The first wig that I tried on was the quick weave, half wig, Outré Amber. Once I opened the package of the hair the curls were soft and really scrunched up but as I began to move the curls began to drop. When trying to fit the wig to my liking the curls began to lose the shape. The layers are horrible, blunt and do not blend very well. There’s two combs in the wig, one in the front and the other in the back. This wig needs some assistant with staying in place like bobby pins or sewing in more combs. It looks better on with a bandana, scarf, or a headband. When trying to manipulate the wig and blend with my hair, it got frizzy and very tangled. The half wig cost an estimate of $13 and I give it two thumbs down. This wig is never being worn out of my house.

Model Model Joy Review

Model Model Joy
Model Model Joy

Model Model: Joy

I purchased the Model Model: Joy lace front wig for a everyday look for work. The length looks ok but I was not a fan of the kanekolon texture. It looked bulky when applied fresh out the package. A good example of the way it looks like I just blow tried my hair. The hair can withstand heat up to 400 degrees. The wig does straighten but did not curl at all; the best I ended up with was a wave. There is minimum shedding and it tangles very easily. I got lots of complement and some didn’t know if it was a wig of hair extensions. After a week the ends of the wigs looked fried and need to be cut, probably because of it being straightened. The cost of this wig was approximately $24.

Isis Super MW07

The last one I purchased was the Isis Super MW07. The long hair with blunt bang does not go well with my face shape. I have a square/oval face and the style of the wig makes my head look longer and more square. The hair does shed and tangles very easily. There are two combs included in the comb; one in the front and one in the back. I advice sewing two more comes on the front sides to keep it from sliding back.


I was very disappointed in the wigs that I purchased from but you get what you pay for. I decided to keep them after I found out that there was a 20% restocking fee for each item.

My wig journey still continues and I will keep you updated with my trial and errors. Don't for get to follow and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Tell me a wig brand you enjoy.

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