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Shopping for Women Clothes Commentary and Tips: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Updated on March 5, 2013
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Women's Jackets/Coats When to Buy

Spring Coats

During the months of February and March you will see many rain coats spring up. You will also find that they are affordable. However, I have bought rain coats during the summer off clearance racks for cheap.

Summer Jackets

Sometimes there are those cooler days due to heavy rain showers, so I have bought a lightweight track style jacket or sweater from time-to-time during the summer. I personally stayed away from high-end stores because I didn't find their prices impressive, but small businesses online tended to have what I was looking for and the prices were reasonably reduced. I also found that select winter sweaters and jackets had eye-popping prices too during the end of spring.

Fall Coats

I have found that some of the best jackets can be bought any time of the year depending on your taste and where you live. In So-Cal (Southern California,) I was able to find reasonably priced jackets between season changes (yes the season's do change). During cooler months, I saw higher priced lightweight jackets, but when the warmer days would come around, there would be price cuts. Track jackets and windbreakers were in abundance and many leather lightweight jackets as well. Wool, bubble jackets and similar heavy coats weren't typically worn.

Winter Coats

When you need a winter coat, there are two good times to purchase at the end of spring and at the end of summer. I have also found reasonably priced coats during the holiday season as well especially around Black Friday. Leather coats were on sale in abundance as it got closer to the Christmas season and I found a few surprises after the holiday season as well.

Stores you might consider checking out include: Burlington Coat Factory, Wilsons Leather, and Macy's.

Spring Coats

During the months of February and March you will see many rain coats spring up. You will also find that they are affordable. However, I have bought rain coats during the summer off clearance racks for cheap.

Summer Jackets

Sometimes there are those cooler days due to heavy rain showers, so I have bought a lightweight track style jacket or sweater from time-to-time during the summer. I personally stayed away from high-end stores because I didn't find their prices impressive, but small businesses online tended to have what I was looking for and the prices were reasonably reduced. I also found that select winter sweaters and jackets had eye-popping prices too during the end of spring.

More places you might want to check out for lightweight jackets, blazers, sweaters and more: Old Navy, Gap, Nordstrom, Target, Kmart, and Walmart.

Women's Fashion - Winter Wardrobe Tips

A Little Help with Fall Fashion

One of my favorite times of the year is fall. The trendy fashions in tops, jewelry, boots, and handbags are definitely worth checking out. I prefer the longer skirts over the short ones and enjoy mixing and matching. However, I will be the first to admit that I will look at a price tag before I am sold on the clothing. I just have my limits when it comes to how much I will pay for a piece of fabric that will end up in the washer and dryer or one day in a donation bag. The following are some sites that are created to assist with the mixing and matching part of your shopping experience so that you won't end up bringing something home you might later regret.

To get some idea on how to improve your dress each year during the fall, sites like J. Crew have an extensive line of clothes to stimulate some thought. See here.

You might also find the following sites useful when generally shopping for clothes.

Women's Body Types and How to Dress Them

25 Things a Professional Woman Should Never Wear

Fashion After 50

Fashion Police

Summer Clothes Steals

When shopping during off seasons, you will find that in the clearance section of most stores are summer and spring clothing. From swimwear to shorts, most items' sale prices are significantly reduced. Try searching at any of your favorite stores for things like summer tops, summer dresses, summer accessories, etc. and you will find many things more than half off. The best time to stock up for summer gear is during the colder months.

Here are a few places worth checking out: Overstock, Kmart and JCPenny. Most sites are offering dresses even in the off season for less than $30; however, there are still many charging regular prices.

You might want to use various search terms besides womens "summer" clothing such as "casual" womens summer clothing or search specific terms such as: womens casual dresses, petite womens summer skirts, etc.

After Holiday Sales

So I took a stroll through the mall just window shopping looking at various store fronts for women's clothing and I was pleasantly surprised at the wide array of colors and styles this spring season. I was particularly impressed with the interesting short-sleeve shirts that have a bit of flair. There were the ruffled sleeves in solid pastel colors and traditional short sleeve prints worn over spaghetti strap shirts along with a few accessories. Very nice. But what I didn't like was the so-called sales.

Now savvy shoppers know that 10% to 40% off is really not a sale. Wait a little while and you just might see those 50% and 60% off mark downs as the season gets older along with store coupons. I was lucky to see one store going out of business who had some really good markdowns a whopping 80% to 90% off and it wasn't off the retailer's suggested price either! You have to watch those so-called sales too!

Easter outfits, dresses and suits will be moving toward the clearance rack before summer starts (if not already in some stores.) The only way I will part with my hard-earned dollars on dress clothes right now is if I really need something to compliment my wardrobe for an event; otherwise, I will keep walking by those store front windows.

If you are seriously in need of some new clothes, may I suggest you watch the Sunday newspaper in your area closely! I have personally took advantage of bargains by comparison shopping. I simply took all the store catalogs and looked through each to see who had the best deals on clothing and who was offering coupons. After that, I went online to see if I could get additional store coupons. The more popular long-standing department stores frequently have deals you just have to pay close attention. So if you don't have a subscription already to your local newspaper, at least get the Sunday paper each week.

Spring Clothing

If you are ready for the bright and beautiful sun and tweeting birds that the spring season brings, then you will also want to be sure you have the wardrobe to match those wonderful feelings stirring around on the inside with a great wardrobe on the outside.

Consider updating your attire with some of the latest spring fashions such as: cheery printed dresses, dazzling short-sleeve blouses, and body flattering pants. I came across a couple of sites online that are worth checking out that you may not have thought of for things like casual and underwear for affordable prices:

Tees and underwear for men, women and children!

New arrivals for teens and young adults:

GIRLS New Arrivals!

Spring Fashion Tips

What to Watch for When Buying Clothing Online: Store Returns

Recently, I visited a site that has some great winter accessories. Items are discounted between 20% to 50% off women's clothing at this site: Winter Accessories. Other sites I have visited also have low prices and a wide range of selections. However, while shopping online I am also paying close attention to store return policies.

It seems that when you buy from most private sellers you are unable to return a product and when you buy from the popular website stores you can, but sometimes they aren't paying for return shipping costs.

So here's what I learned when looking at store return policies:

  • Be sure to keep all original packaging especially the packing slip.
  • Some sites will allow you to return the merchandise to the store, others will not accept it and will redirect you back to the website.
  • If the site does allow you to return it back to the store, even though you bought it online, the sales clerk will give you an immediate credit usually a store credit.
  • If you are sending something back via the mail, you will have to notify the customer service department first so that they can issue a number indicatng that you are returning the item. Without contacting the company first about your return, your item will end up most likely anywhere.
  • The item might be damaged and/or defective, so if this is the case put that in writing and include it with your merchandise. Make a copy for your records.
  • Opened intimate apparel can't be returned due to health reasons at most stores.

I personally would not shop on any site that doesn't have clear return policies and contact information such as a phone number or email. I would also pay attention to customer's experiences using the website. You can simply find that information by reading comments below the merchandise or google the store name with the words "complaints" "scams."

Turning Work Wear to Evening Wear

DAY TO NIGHT OUTFIT IDEAS: Turning Work-wear to Party Outfits (Timeless Style)

Commentary on Women's FashionTrends

Trying to keep up with the latest trends? Good luck. It seems that depending on who you listen to everything seems to be in style. From faux furs to ankle high boots, there is a lot of the same being circulated around the fashion industry with maybe a small change here and there. It seems designers are looking back to decades past each year for a bit of inspiration. You are bound to see some of your old styles hidden in the back of your closet on today's models with of course a little twist.

If you live on the East Coast, you should never trust a celebrity walking down the streets of Beverly Hills to tell you what's in for the winter season for one main reason, it doesn't snow in LA and it rarely gets colder than 50 degrees! Why would anyone freeze their buns off in a mini-skirt and heels in less than 30 degree weather trying to copy an LA style on the East Coast? Oh what some will do for fashion?

I think of those fashionistas on the East Coast who wear some of the most eye-catching funky boots I have ever seen during the winter. They are indeed fashionable, but useful for those snowy days. But some folks on the West Coast can't resist placing their feet in a pair of winter boots that serve no purpose during warm, sunny days other than to make their feet sweat and smell funky!

Jackets are always a must-have in any woman's closet! She can't live without her favorite jacket for errand running. Whether it is a leather, suede or cotton, it doesn't matter as long as she looks cute wearing it! She throws a pair of blue denims on and a cute boot and she is out the door with handbag in tote! It doesn't matter that her hair isn't perfect or makeup is absent, just so long as something on her body makes a statement that says, "I am modern and stylish and yes you wish you had this!"

There are those trends that are better left in the closet. These days the robotic look has to go! You know the one some celebrities wear on stage with the pointy sleeves, shoulder pads, and other designs trying to capture the image of the woman in that old movie classic, Metropolis. How many times have we seen designers try this one? It's just not fitting for those short errand runs where all one wants is to look cute even if she isn't all that appealing to look at in the face.

One style that should retire, which I know as long as we have the whore archetype in films and in the music industry it will remain and that is the mini-skirt. Honestly, this just isn't proper for a little girl on up to a plus size woman! Gone are those days when women gave men something to imagine. Instead, men get to see pretty much what they are getting before they buy it which leaves nothing to fantasize about. Besides, every other guy who looks at the mini-skirt wearing woman is going to want a piece of her too. Why do these men with the trophy pieces on their arm bother acting jealous?

Another style that could burn in hell is anything tight on a man. Remember bell-bottom pants, biker pants and other pants that were tight around a man's private area? Now I know this is appealing to men who love men and even desperate women looking for some eye candy they could possibly take home and unwrap, but those of us who are a tadbit conservative, seriously men shouldn't wear anything that suffocates nipples or anything else and the same goes for women too. Ever look at a woman who is busty wear a shirt two sizes too small or what about a woman with fat rolls--ugh!

I envision a day where people will attempt to protest wearing clothes and then what, painted on outfits? I shudder at the thought.

Spring Summer Fashion for Plus Size

Fall and Winter Plus Size Fashion

Petite Women's Clothes

Being short and small, it can be hard for women to find the clothes they like. There are some quality clothes out there for petite women, but you do have to know where to shop. I have included some sites that are known for having a nice selection of petite women's clothes.

Petite Womens Clothing & Fashion : Bustline Tips for Petite Women's

Fashion Secrets!

Ideas for Spring and Summer for Petite Women


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