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Winter is coming...what is your most important item of clothing?

Updated on November 21, 2016

What Is Your Most Important Item?

Winter is fast approaching so it's time to get your winter woollies out once again. If you were stuck in the middle of nowhere what is the most important item you would trade for your best friend? An item of winter clothing you just can't do without. Would it be your favourite rich burgundy colored leather gloves? Not only do they keep your hands super warm and elongate the fingers but now you can buy ones that will work when using your smartphone so you never have to take them off ever again, especially to catch that all important phone call with only 3 rings before they hang up on you.

Sheep Skin UGG Boots.

We all know the wonderful benefits of the naturally occurring material produced from sheep called wool. Being fire resistant this natural material is one of the most warming breathable products available.

Warm Winter Long White Gloves

Gloves help when taking photos in winter especially outdoors
Gloves help when taking photos in winter especially outdoors

Baggy Jumper Tights and Boots Pic

Couloured Chunky Baggy Sweaters

Every winter large chunky baggy sweaters are an item that some can't survive the winter without. This season is set for some colourful ones but if you feel that winter is for some tamer colouring then select a more neutral colour coat to go with it. You could also select a subdued winter coloured scarf.

Beautiful Violet Scarf

Beautiful Violet Scarf
Beautiful Violet Scarf

Beautiful Purple scarf

Brighten up your winter with a blue scarf instead of the dull neutral colours especially with this black coat. It's such a simple way to brighten up your wardrobe without having to buy a new coat or sweater. Could this be the item of winter clothing you can't do without?

Colourful Chunky Sweaters

a Bright Colored Statement Piece Necklace

Does your favourite piece of jewellery get the vote on your favourite item you can't be without this winter? You've got your chunky sweater, your bright coloured statement piece necklace, your skinny jeans and the most stunning pair of just over the knee leather boots on. You're ready to go.

Stunning Necklace and Choker

So where would you get the warmest womens boots from?

Now with winter in full swing where would you go for the warmest women’s tall leather boots?

Would you drive yourself into a large shopping centre only to find you have to pay for the parking there not to mention the rising petrol costs to fill your car? Then would you go from shop to shop weaving your way in and out of the crowds?

Would you then have to tell the over-eager shop assistant something like "I'm not sure if I'll take these boots I will have to ask my husband!" when you know damn well you don't even like the product and that you aren't even married.

Gorgeous Wittner Winter Leather Boots

Women's red handbag hanging

Woman red handbag hanging on the hanger
Woman red handbag hanging on the hanger

Woman red handbag hanging

Could it be that you cannot go through winter without this lovely red handbag? After all it would hold you gloves and scarf whilst indoors from the cold.

Wearing black boots with different skirts

4 Seasons in One Day

What season do you prefer?

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