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With Age Comes Wisdom: Youthful Beauty 101 for Smart Girls

Updated on June 5, 2014
From makeup to treatments to zen, there are many anti-aging strategies today to leave woman at their best.
From makeup to treatments to zen, there are many anti-aging strategies today to leave woman at their best.

Quote on Aging

"Aging is an inevitable process. I surely wouldn't want to grow younger. The older you become, the more you know; your bank account of knowledge is much richer."

- William Holden

Prevention of Skin Cancer and Premature Aging

As recommended on the Skin Cancer Prevention Page at The Centers for Disease Control website, preventing sun damage is the key to remaining healthy, and for the purposes of this article, staying young. To prevent further sun damage, employ these important strategies not only as you age, but as best practice, in all you do.

  • Stay covered by wearing hats and sun protective clothing
  • Wear sun screen of at least SPF 15 for daily use
  • Up the coverage when you know you will be in the sun for an extended period
  • Do not purposely sun tan, outdoors or at a salon
  • Wear sunglasses with protection against the sun's harmful rays
  • Remain in the shade if possible when outdoors

How to Apply Concealer, Cosmetic Specialist Bobbi Brown

Quote on Achieving Beauty

"I don't get anything for free. I pay for all my beauty treatments."

- Jennifer Lopez

Look Younger, Feel Great

As so many women enter the landscape of late thirties, early forties, it is revelatory to find that yes, your face may be showing those few little hints of aging. Perhaps looking as young as you did just that few months ago, is not as effortless as it once was. But you don’t have to go down without a fight in this modern age of suspended, and yes, ageless, beauty. If you fall into this category of just starting to need some info in terms of how to stay "forever young," here is an anti-aging bag of tricks based on both research and personal experience, that will usher you into this new phase of upkeep, looking good and smarter for it.

Study Your Concealer

In my opinion, your first munitions for the war on aging can begin and end with concealer. For girls that are just on that cusp of needing a bit of help in the getting older department, try this product first. But you have to both choose the right one and use it correctly. Herein lies the challenge. I like a concealer that is very light. Heavy or thick concealers settle into your fine lines and wrinkles and weigh down the skin under your eyes and can work in adverse as suggested by beauty experts like those in Elle Beauty's article The Secret to Covering Up Dark Circles. A light formula (I like Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer) applied with a light touch can go far in perking up your visage. You would be surprised how much a difference a little concealer will make. Go with a yellow based concealer in a lighter color than your skin. Dab under the eyes and between the brows, as well as on the lines from your nose to your mouth. You will be shocked at how many years it can take off. For further tips on how to apply correctly, visit eHow's How to Apply Concealer or watch the video to the upper right from Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. As you enter the just-needing-a-little-help phase, this may be all you need to look younger.

Foundation of Knowledge

Your next challenge will be in the area of foundation. Here you need to ask yourself a few questions as your objectives change. Do you want a light glow or do you need more coverage? If you are experiencing age spots or melasma (pregnancy mask), you will want a more concealing formula. At the stage of just needing a little help, you might opt for a tinted moisturizer, but if you have secrets to hide, try a foundation like Clinique Even Better Makeup. It has components that will reduce the appearance of age spots over time, so not only does it conceal, but it corrects. Otherwise, a great foundation that I love, is Instant Age Rewind Radiance Firming Foundation by Maybelline. Make sure you find the right shade. This may take many tries, but the investigating is worth the time and effort and even the dollars spent. My advice, never go too dark. Watch the video below on how to apply foundation correctly, or visit for tips on how to blend.

Bright Ideas

The new thing these days is brighteners. They are found just about everywhere, and even mixed with other products new to the market, to fight anti-aging and even skin tone. You will find them on their own and in CC and BB creams (see the article BB Creams vs. CC Creams: What's the Difference?) which in effect are just products that combine the above with other age defying aspects of skin care like moisturizing and color correcting, for one stop shopping if you will. Brighteners give you that pick me up and glow that is natural in youth, and which sadly fades over time and life travel, shall we say. My sister loves, loves, loves, Ooh La Lift from Benefit Cosmetics. Give it a try. It has a pink tint to it that truly, gives a bit of a miraculous effect; evidenced immediately when dabbed on for the first time.

Make-up Cheats

Ok. Here’s the real “magic.” There are things you can do to make yourself younger in terms of make-up tricks. The heavy hitters, in my book, are the following.

  • Tend to the Eyebrows - Use brow liner and tweeze your brows so they have a more upward swing than before, or a higher arch. This lifts the look of your face and because you lose thickness of hair as you age, a more defined brow, makes you look younger. I feel the effects of this are pretty bold.

  • Curl Your Lashes – Similarly, because hair becomes thinner as you age, as evidenced in Your Eyelashes as You Age at Healthy Women website, curling your eyelashes will give you a pop of youth. As well, making sure you opt for a favorite mascara goes without saying. I love Maybelline’s Original Formula Voluminous Mascara. It is a little clumpy, but I go for that.

  • Go Nude for Lips – Sadly ladies, our lips thin as the years travail, as evidenced by sources such as The Earliest Signs of Aging are Thinning Lips at By going with a nude lip, this will minimize the visibility of such an occurrence. Experts at Beauty and Style agree as recommended in Look-Younger Lipstick Tips. Also, this is a very fresh look that allows you to go a little more heavy with the eyeliner without looking too made up.

  • Eyeliner – Ah yes. My favorite tool. I just love eyeliner. Use it to line the top of your lashes on your upper lid and give a little wing at the corner. This again, will draw your face upward visually and in my opinion, always adds drama and glam.

  • Use your Highlighter – Dab a bit of highlighter eye shadow (white or cream shades with a little sheen) on the inner corner of your eyelid as well as just under the arch of your brow and if you like, just under your bottom lashes or a dab on the top of your cheekbone below your eye. You can thank me later for the surprising result.

    High Honor Treatments

    For those of you that want a more aggressive, and guaranteed-results approach to aging, you may consider a luxurious anti-aging beauty treatment, such as these services detailed at Gee Beauty which are available at many top salons today. Also known as "photo-facials," skin rejuvenation treatments use laser therapy technology to help reduce the signs of aging, treating sun-damage, environmental pollution and aging skin by actually shrinking blood vessels, eliminating sun spots and reducing enlargement of pores and fine lines as further detailed in the write-up and Q&A, Skin Rejuvenation at The great thing about utilizing these salon offerings is that effects are both immediate and customized to meet your specific anti-aging needs.

    Get an A in Moisturizing

    If there is one thing you will want to do as you begin to see signs of aging, it is to moisturize. Olay active hydrating cream, or even their daily moisturizer with 30 SPF are my top picks, provided by the personal experience of my own age. These formulas are light, non-greasy, widely available and the SPF has an extremely weightless feel. Whatever moisturizer you choose, apply with diligence, morning and night for maximum benefit.

    Prevention Accolades

    As you age, you will need to change the way you think about the sun if you were a sun worshiper in your youth. You MUST wear sunscreen and the higher SPF, the better. You should wear a hat in summer months; sorry ladies. Turning this shackle into a fashion accessory is your best bet. You need to stay covered as you age, or the sun will eventually expose all your secrets in terms of past and present sun damage. I love Neutrogena Healthy Defense for summer months. It is unbelievably light and the Helioplex technology really does what it claims to – protects with a broad spectrum of up to 50, weightlessly.

    Rest on Your Laurels

    Of final note, let’s try a little Zen in coaxing kindness from years, as they come. Get lots of rest, which yes, is challenging, fresh air and love yourself enough to get exercise at least 20 minutes 3x a week as recommended in articles like Is Exercise the Elixir of Youth? at Value your health and cultivate happiness. Live well, love much and be beautiful, from the inside out.

Bag of Tricks
Bag of Tricks
Learning to love yourself, from every angle, is smart and comes with age.
Learning to love yourself, from every angle, is smart and comes with age.

First Signs of Aging

As early as 35, you may start to recognize some of the first signs of aging.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin that does not retain as much moisture
  • A darkening under the eyes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • The appearance of sun spots or hyperpigmentation
  • Thinning of lips and hair

How to Apply Foundation

Foundation Makeup Tip:

If you are having trouble determining your correct shade for foundation, head to your local make-up counter. Even if you have to drag your two kids and the neighbor child, it will be worth it in the end as it is sometimes quite difficult to get this right on your own.

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    • amiebutchko profile image

      Amie Butchko 4 years ago from Warwick, NY

      Thank you so much toknowinfo! I really appreciate your voting up my hub. I have put so much time and personal research into figuring out how to put on foundation without it getting into my forming wrinkles!!!!! I just thought I could share, as getting older is a little discouraging and we all could use a little lift (by supportive women, that is!).

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 4 years ago

      Thanks for putting together this very useful and timeless article. It is filled with great tips for women of all ages. Your advice and knowledge is very much appreciated. Rated up, useful, interesting and awesome.

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      Amie Butchko 4 years ago from Warwick, NY

      Me, too, April! Thanks so much for the comment!

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      April Garner 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      I particularly liked the "makeup cheats" section - useful and practical. I've just recently decided I need a foundation, at least sometimes, so I appreciated the tips on that as well. I'm working on a balance between growing old gracefully and fighting it.