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Women and Shoes: A Shameless Love Affair

Updated on June 21, 2010

One is NOT enough!

Women love shoes, there's just no getting around the thrill of shopping for new shoes! Sometimes men think women's love affair with shoes is an all-consuming obsession. Mention shoes in mixed company, and a chasm happens between the two sexes.

It's true, shoes can cost a small fortune, yet just having money not mean happiness – but buying shoes is a real thrill. Shopping for clothes is nice, but shoes have a big advantage. Clothing has limitations depending on whether you are fat or thin, short or tall, young or older, but you can buy all the shoes you want. Shoes have the ability to make a woman feel sexy, elegant, sporty or chic in an instant.

We have an intimate relationship with shoes about the time we learn to walk. And, when we play 'grown-up' we schlep around in a pair of our mom's shoes, of course, high heels are instantly our preference. High heels provide a sense of being grown up and the click-clack sound of high heels seem to identify with femininity. And, when we are grown and choose the shoes want; our personality shows. Shoes become part of who we are at any given moment. Shoes reflect our age, mood and desires.

How many times have we found an absolute “to die for” pair of shoes and then build an outfit around those shoes? Our imagination is stoked by a simple pair of shoes. Mostly, women's shoes speak the language of sex. You don't need to be a genius to understand the message that is transmitted by a girl wearing a pair of old sneakers versus one wearing stilettos. Kind of like heels = sex goddess and flats = nuns. That might be a drastic comparison, but a high-heeled shoe definitely marks the difference between men and women.

Shoes are a big part of a women's personality. Perhaps we could wear a comfortable pair of flats with our jeans, but a pair of heels just makes us feel pretty. Whether it's a pair of pumps, sandals or boots – they just seem to make us feel special, sexy and feminine.

You can't have too many men, eat too much chocolate, or have too many pairs of shoes!


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