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Bootie Innovation | Top Women's Booties

Updated on November 12, 2010

In spite of following fashion in the same way a bloodhound follows the scent of a fresh steak, occasionally I get caught off guard by something. I love those moments, and one of them happened recently when I searched for 'booties'. In that instance, I was looking for the woolen shoes that are often wrapped on babies feet to make them look all the more adorable, even if they can't walk yet. I'm actually not entirely sure what the point of baby booties are for children that aren't learning to walk - if their feet are cold, then surely socks would keep them warm enough. Are the booties simply an attempt to indoctrinate children into the habit of shoe wearing? If we didn't wear booties as babies would we all turn into bare footed rebels?

I have digressed wildly, but I am about to get back on point, for when I searched for booties I did not find tiny, adorable and thoroughly impractical shoes for babies, I instead found a bunch of women's ankle boots, known as 'booties'.

One could probably go off on a wild tangent about using juvenile terminology to describe fashion for adult women, but one won't bother. The fashion world at large has decided that 'booties' is an acceptable term for ankle boots and I will not contradict them, instead I will go with the flow and welcome this new term into a lexicon of fashion specific language that is quickly filling with all kinds of inane madness.

Wyoming Cutie Bootie

These camel boots are camel, which gives them valuable fashion points. They are referred to as 'booties', which adds yet more valuable points, and they have a certain retro charm, which puts them way over the top. I really, really like these booties. They're sort of woodsy in a way, yet they take a rustic style of fashion and make it appropriate for wearing almost everywhere. You could meet the Pope in these and not feel bad about it at all, that's how stylish they are.

Get them from Mod Cloth.

Charlie My Love Cleo Snakeskin Lace Up Booties

Snakeskin booties. I could leave it there and you'd probably be satisfied, too busy feasting your eyes on these lovely snakeskin ankleboots to bother reading useless words. What's the point of words anyway? You can't wear them on your feet, can you? Better to live in a world with no words and fine shoes rather than the other way around, right?

House of Harlow 1960 Leslie Lace Overlay Booties

House of Harlow is Nicole Richie's own fashion house, and in spite of her rocky adolescence acting like a half wit on a reality television show, all has to be forgiven when one gazes as these charming black lace overlay booties. They are absolutely beautiful. I for one am a big fan of integrating lace into footwear, and after looking upon these booties, I imagine you might be too.

Both the House of Harlow lace booties and the Charlie My Love booties can be found on


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