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Women's High Waisted Pants

Updated on August 18, 2010
High Waisted Pants = Good
High Waisted Pants = Good
High Waisted Pants = Bad
High Waisted Pants = Bad

High waisted pants are threatening to come back into fashion, but I don't think buying and wearing high waisted pants is a commitment any woman should make lightly. Sure, they're just pants, but they can radically change not only the way you look, but also the way you feel about yourself. High waists work well on dresses, where they create the illusion of a longer, leaner figure by merit of the fabric that flows gently out from the narrow point around your lower rib cage. Pants have a different dynamic however, and that makes them entirely different beasts. You see, pants don't flow out, creating a soft feminine figure, instead they taper back in towards the calves, making some women look like dumpy pears.


  • There comes a time in a woman's life when wearing pants that sit low on her hips no longer works. Your butt crack is probably no more attractive than a plumber's, and one loses a certain amount of gravitas when everyone can see the tufts of fluff that peek between cheeks. High waisted pants mean never having to hike your pants up when you bend over.

  • It's been a while since high waisted pants were in, and if you have fashion ADD, you might revel in the mere fact that they're quite different from your other pants.


  • High waisted pants smack of your grandma's wardrobe.

  • They can conspire to make your hips look massively wide. There's no point asking if your ass looks big in high waisted pants, it definitely does. Unless you're incredibly skinny, in which case you really need to shut up and stop asking because we all know you know you're skinny and it annoys the hell out of us when you pretend to have body image issues.

The Verdict.

So is there a choice between having your ass hanging out and looking like you've aged twenty years overnight? Probably. I would suggest nicely tailored pants that sit somewhere in the middle of your waist. Pants that aspire to tickle your ribs are never going to be flattering, no matter how many fashion blogs tell you otherwise. Best case scenario, highly fashionable people will wear their high waisted pants for a fashion and then give them to a clothing shelter. (A clothing shelter is where discarded clothing goes to be adopted out by people who won't dump it after three months when they realize it makes them look like their ass is going to have ass babies.


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