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Women's Velvet Skirts | Velvet's Not Just For Vampires Anymore

Updated on November 12, 2010

Velvet, that eternal fabric of ultimate opulence and hyperbole. Velvet dreams. Velvet clothing. Wearing velvet clothing of velvet dreams. Velvet is incredibly popular this season, as it tends to be in all seasons, except particularly hot ones where you want to go swimming a lot.

As temperatures cool, velvet is beginning to make its presence felt in shirts, skirts, dresses, and even shorts. On this occasion we will deal with the matter of velvet skirts, which can be easily blended into outfits of almost any style for a little taste of luxury in your everyday existence.

The skirts we will mention here (though I don't know who we is supposed to be, I'm pretty sure that it's just me writing these things,) are of varying lengths and styles, for your fashion edification.

Velvet Desio Skirt

We begin our velvet explorations with a velvet skirt that looks absolutely nothing like a velvet skirt. Why, it could be any kind of skirt at all. Indeed, with the pattern it bears, it could be a dangerous animal, lurking around the thigh region, looking for easy prey.

Velvet isn't all about vampires and gothic novels, it can also be slinky and unexpected, as this Desio Skirt demonstrates so very admirably.

Marc Jacobs Lamé Velvet Pencil Skirt

Shiny! So, so shiny! I could not pass this skirt over for the life of me, for it drew my eyes with a shiny sparkle that was wildly evident even through the monitor of a computer. The purple vintage pattern that adorns it is also quite darling, though let's face it, nobody is going to be able to look at your skirt too long without thinking they're having some sort of religious experience.

Minkpink Crushed Velvet Maxi Skirt

Here it is folks, the long crushed velvet skirt we all think of whenever anyone mentions the word 'velvet skirt'. Yes, they exist. Yes they can be worn to all sorts of events, including events in which delusional people speak to the undead, but they are also quite stylish and even on trend when worn in this maxi style, so don't write off the good old crushed velvet skirt just yet.

Burnout Velvet Skirt

Another long velvet skirt, although this time it's almost unrecognizable as a velvet skirt. It is velvet in the stealth, if you will. The charming tonal burnout design is appropriate for work and semi formal occasions and there is no doubt that your reputation as a woman of good standing will be preserved whilst you wear this skirt.


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