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Women's Vests | The Outfit Transformers

Updated on September 6, 2010

The vest is one of the most ancient and yet simultaneously modern styles of clothing that pervades every fashion nook and niche. Whether you're a five year old child who might catch a chest cold, or a 40 something year old woman who needs to look flowing and fabulous on a day that is sort of warm, but also sort of cold, a vest will do the trick.

Vests are often underrated. Whilst pants and shirts and other such mainstream items are often featured and commented upon by style gurus and followers of fashion trends, vests are ignored by those who fail to see their grand potential. One of my favorite pieces in my own wardrobe is a tweed cropped vest that instantly adds a touch of the Empire to any outfit. Simply hand me my monocle, and I'm away!

In this article, I'll be exploring the contemporary stylings of women's fashion vests, because vests really do appear on every rung of the fashion ladder, and the addition of a vest can take an outfit from bland to stunning in one simple step.

Simons, CA
Simons, CA

Two In One Vest

This two in one vest was recently featured on the prestigious and ubiquitous, Made by Candadian designers Simons, this vest stylishly acheives two objectives. The black outer layer neatly defines and slims the waist with its flattering short fall. The longer, more whimsical gray layer provides more coverage and adds character to the piece. This is a vest that designed to be flattering on almost any body shape, and people in the plus size range should take note of pieces like this, which will add a definite touch of style to any outfit. Even if you're simply wearing plain blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt, the addition of this vest marks you as someone with style.

Cropped Vest

Cropped vests were very recently in style and continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Cropped vests can be exceptionally flattering because they tend to highlight the bust and create a nice, small, high waist that lengthens the appearance of the leg. Wear a flowing shirt with a cropped vest and watch any excess weight around your midsection appear to melt away instantly.

Long GI Jane Vest

Now this vest is very much on point for the military trend that is hot this season, and it's so stylishly adorable, it makes me just want to squeal kittens. It's sometimes hard to incorporate hard military trends into women's fashion, amateurish efforts can end up making the wearer look bulky and clunky, but with the slimming lines of this garment, you'll look utterly sleek and stylish wearing this with almost any outfit.

This is another one of those pieces that can be thrown over simple jeans and shirt to create a truly special outfit.


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