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Wonderful Hair Products For All Curly Heads

Updated on January 6, 2015

Relax Those Curls

If your hair is anything like mine, (insanely curly, knotty, and thick), I bet you can get really frustrated when it just doesn't want to cooperate with you some days. Curly hair is usually very difficult to manage, because it's all over the place sometimes. Well, Aquage Straightening Ultragel works wonders for curly heads. It smells super refreshing, it's very lightweight, and does exactly what it's named! When you step out of the shower, put an appropriate amount in your palm and rub on your damp, start with the roots while working down, and notice instantly how much looser those curls are!

Straightening Treatment

If you want noticeably, long-lasting, straighter hair, consider looking into this 3 piece Brazilian Keratin treatment! Most shampoos have sulfur in them, which is what makes curly hair even curlier and poofier. This product's shampoo does not contain that ingredient! It also comes with straightening conditioner and the keratin treatment itself! The shampoo and conditioner are included because they will continue to keep your hair straighter, as long as you keep using them every time you wash your hair!

Before and After of Keratin Treatment
Before and After of Keratin Treatment

Tips On Calming Down Your Curls Without Products

  • Comb your hair after you wash it
  • Braid it - this will ensure a more wavy look
  • Blow-dry and brushing after a shower will make it poofy, but not so much curly
  • Straighten it with a hair straightener
  • Only shampoo your hair twice a week
  • Condition, condition, condition! All curly heads need conditioner

Enhancing Those Curls

Do you have curly hair but want more nice looking curls? Maybe you want bigger curls? Or more body without the heavy duty mousse products. Curly Sexy Hair Curling Cream will do all of that for you! Put a handful on your hair after while it's damp, work in, blow dry if you wish or wait for the beautiful results to shine through when your hair dries! It's not greasy, it leaves wonderful, bouncy curls, gets rid of all frizz, as well as leaves shine!

Concentrating On Fly-Aways

All women can relate on how ugly fly-aways can make your hair look. Even if you have it all nicely done, there will still be a good amount on top of your head or at your ends that's not where they should be. This Suave Professionals Styling Sleek, Anti-Frizz Cream is perfect for that. One of the greatest things about this is that you can put in all the other products you want in your hair so whatever other reason, put some of this on your hair afterwords, and it won't affect any of the other products! Another great way to use this is right after you've washed it, don't put in anything else but this. Start at the ends and work your way up. When your hair dries, it will come out with lovely small curls with a beautiful shine!

Even if you have finer hair, this will work great if applied on your hair while it's dry!

Tips On Getting More Curls Without Product

  • Get a thin headband and put over your head and damp hair. Twist up parts of your hair, then wrap under and over the headband until it's at the end of the hair. Use bobby pins or barrettes to keep the hair in tact on the top of your head. Leave on overnight, then take off the headband. Your hair will still be a little wet because it was up, but as it dries, you will have amazing curls.
  • Twist small sections of your hair while it's damp. Unravel them as they dry.
  • Finger comb your hair. By using a regular comb or a brush, it will tear your curls apart.
  • Dry your hair with a diffuser with your hair flipped down.

Learn About Dry Shampoo

Because people with curly hair really shouldn't wash their hair with shampoo often, sometimes self-confidence/self-esteem can be an issue. Understandably, you might feel gross or unclean without shampooing your hair often, but the less you do it, the better your hair will look and feel. Instead of torturing yourself with bad hair days from shampooing, consider dry shampooing. It is made especially for women who skip out on those hair washing days! Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo works great, lasts for days, and smells awesome. Just started spraying on top of your hair, near your roots, and rub it in with your fingers. Continue spraying as needed on the rest of your hair.

Dry shampoo also works out well when you've straightened your hair. Personally, when I straighten my hair, I like to keep it straight for a few days because I did not go through that long process and achy arms to only have my hair straight for a day. Putting dry shampoo on my hair the next day or two will keep it from looking greasy!

What Works For You?

If you have a routine or special product you like to use for your curly hair, share your secret! We all want to learn more about managing and controlling curls. Comment below, don't be shy!


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