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Trollbeads: Denmark World Tour Collection

Updated on August 8, 2012
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Janine is a published author in Only Trollops Shave Above the Knees, appears on The Huffington Post and at Confessions of A Mommyaholic.



Today I willing be focusing on Trollbeads World Tour Collection of Denmark, which just happens to be the home of the original troll beads creations, the beautiful anemone flower, Viking Ships and amber too. Please do enjoy today's tour of Trollbeads's World Tour Collection of Denmark


Viking Ship

Viking ships were ships or boats used during the Viking age, are named after this period of time and have become a symbol of adventure for having carried around the Danish in these past adventures. This silver charm embodies the Viking ship traditions beautifully and if one purchases this to wear on their bracelet they can let it sway back and forth on your arm as a ship would do in the water.


Design Troll

A troll is a supernatural being that has been linked to monsters such as witches and goblins. Trollbeads, the company, was Founded in Denmark in 1976 and is well-known for developing the original charm bead bracelet. The name Trollbeads actually came about from the very, first beads designed by them to resemble Troll faces.

This silver charm embodies all the past folklore, as well as the history of Trollbeads as the Troll on this charm stands on a designer chair. Trollbeads came up with this little riddle about this charm and it is as follows, "Is he counting to ten, or has he fallen asleep because designer furniture bores him?" Trollbeads definitely had a bit of a sense of humor when creating this charm. Any true collector of Trollbeads' charms would want this charm just because it truly symbolizes the origins of the actual company itself by all accounts



Anemones are flowers that bloom every year at spring time and are some of the most beautiful flowers around at that time of the year. This glass charm is absolutely beautiful and makes you feel as though you can actually touch the anemone flower when wearing it and truly captures simplicity of the anemone flowers. When wearing this glass charm, you feel as though you are enjoying the beginnings of Springtime over and over again.



Runes are letters, which were used to write other languages before the Latin alphabet that we all know today was adopted used. Amber or "Danish Gold" is this beautiful, light, soft material made from resin that has been fossilized from pine trees many years ago. Together amber and glass make up this charm that is engraved in runes with the word DENMARK. And if you are a true collector of Trollbeads then this glass charm is another must with its vast use of the Danish history with a perfect blend of amber and runes!

Concluding Denmark

It has been my absolute pleasure to tour Denmark today in Trollbeads World Tour. Join us for the next hub, when we tour the next country in the Trollbeads World Tour.


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