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World's Lightest Luggage

Updated on October 21, 2011


World's Lightest Weight Luggage!
World's Lightest Weight Luggage!
New Version of World's Lightest Weight Spinner Luggage
New Version of World's Lightest Weight Spinner Luggage
Internatinal Traveller (Landor & Hawa) IT-0-4  World's Lightest Weight 4-Wheel Drive Luggage  - Red
Internatinal Traveller (Landor & Hawa) IT-0-4 World's Lightest Weight 4-Wheel Drive Luggage - Red

Our sales associates are asked many questions by our customers. However, the first question most travelers ask, is what is your lightest weight wheeled suitcase? This question is more important today than ever before. Especially, since most carriers charge extra for luggage that exceeds 50lbs. This threshold includes the weight of the suitcase, so as you can imagine it is not hard at all to exceed this amount! Additionally, the passenger is also being charged for the first checked bag on many airlines. Consequently, every additional charge adds up quickly.

The Landor & Hawa SUB-0-G® is indisputably the lightest weight wheeled suitcase in the industry. The 20.5" carry-on is only 4.9 lbs. The middle size is only 5.3 lbs at 24.5" and the jumbo size 28.5" upright pullman only weighs 5.8 lbs. The exterior fabric is water and tear resistant, durable ripstop nylon. The lightweight construction is a result of the fiber glass structure, aluminum trolley handle, and of course the ripstop nylon fabric.

Will this luggage stand up to the rigors of airline travel? Well, the answer depends on how the luggage is handled. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty against faulty manufacturing and materials. This is not inclusive of damage caused by misuse or mishandling by an airline or other carrier. However, most warranties are not inclusive of carrier related damage. Especially not luggage in this price range, $139.99 to $189.99. In fact, with the new airline regulations you might end up paying more for overweight luggage or extra luggage being checked. Ultimately, it only stands to reason that you sacrifice durability when you scale down the integrity of the outer material, lining, and frame. However, if what you are looking for is truly the lightest weight luggage, this is the product! Landor & Hawa was awarded the Travel Goods Association (TGA) innovation award for this product. It is most definitely worth checking out. If you have any back problems or problems handling heavy suitcases, this is the answer!

Brand new for 2011 is the IT-0-4 Collection. The bottom line is International Traveller (Landor & Hawa) folks made a good thing better! This new version now has a positive lock-up/lock-down pull handle. Whether you are pushing or pulling the handle now locks into place, which is quite convenient when you are in tight quarters, such as an elevator. Pull your loaded suitcase into a crammed elevator and push your way out, without the aggravation of having the handle collapse. Best of all this product now has the 4-Wheel Spinner feature, which makes it effortless to glide through the airport without contending with the weight burden of a fully loaded suitcase.


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    • algeriadz profile image


      12 months ago


    • 4TRAVELTIPS profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Sokubag-Thanks for your comments. No doubt, with the weight limitations enforced by the airlines today, you must pack economically. The contents packed in your suitcase will undoubtably be heavier than the suitcase itself. Precisely why travelers are focused on starting out with the lightest suitcase they can find! Pack light and take only one pair of shoes that matches multiple outfits. Enjoy your travels!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's so light, if it don't load anything. But it's luaggage.


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