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Worse fashion mistakes woman make. Know what is a turn off. Fashion hints included.

Updated on October 9, 2013

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Do you want to look sexy?

I think we all have to face it, but we live in a shallow world. Although I would love to preach to you about the virtues of loving yourself first, being confident, being independent and doing the best for yourself, it doesn't get away from the fact that most people judge you for what you look like.

Every woman wants to look and feel sexy. If you dress correctly then any woman can achieve it.

Saying that, there are too many mistakes woman do make when it comes to fashion that I thought it best to try to help you out a little. Here is a round up of the 5 worse mistakes woman make when it comes to fashion:

Every woman needs Gok Wan in their lives:

5. Clothes that are too tight or too loose

A women's figure is amazing. You need to be able to show it off but at the same time look classy.

Make sure the clothes you wear are your correct size. If you struggle to squeeze yourself in them and then pass out from not being able to breath then maybe get the hint that they are too tight. On the other hand, if you can fit your partner in there too then maybe they are too loose (unless this is what you wanted in the first place!).

Style hints: Buy clothes for your size and shape. Get your bust measured up properly and only wear the correct fit.

4. Showing too much flesh.

Men love woman, that much we know. They love to admire what they can see so it is understandable that if a woman wants to get more attention then if she flashes more flesh she will get this.

What comes with this is the wrong kind of attention because men see a 'cheap' girl, one in which they can flirt and take advantage of because isn't that what she is after?

Leave it to the imagination and get the correct attention from the right sort of guy and be a lot more classy at the same time.

Style hints: A general rule is that if you have your cleavage out then your legs should be covered up and the same the other way around.

Barbie dolls x 2

Who's been tangoed?

3. Barbie doll lookalike.

Barbie dolls are multi-million pound industry that most young girls love. There are however, the suspect few who look like a fully grown woman and yet still have this obsession for this plastic toy!

The bleached blond, orange skinned, fake nailed, extensions in your hair, and don't forget the plastic boobs look is such a turn off to any male that has half a brain cell it is untrue. It screams thick and shallow not sexy and sophisticated.

A little hint to anyone making this mistake - men like real woman not plastic girls so be yourself and don't believe a plastic doll is the perfect woman.

Style hints: Just don't!!!

Nicki looking very wrong!

2. Animal print

Animal print will always come back into fashion, so purchasing leopard or zebra print isn't a big no no. However, like anything else, when you overdo it, this is the mistake.

Lets face it, wearing animal skins used to be thought of as posh, showing your wealth. Now we are more cultured people and know that this was barbaric. Why look like you want to be apart of that outdated era?

Men do not want an animal on their arms, they want a sexy, classy lady they can show off. So don't make this mistake and turn them off.

Do you want to hint at your wild side? A little animal print goes a long way.

Style hints: If you want to look classy and show off your wild side at the same time only wear a little animal print and keep it to one item only.

1. Leggings

Leggings are not pants. It's simple. DO NOT WEAR THEM BY THEMSELVES. Hope you got that one, but this is such a bad fashion mistake and far too many woman make this error it's untrue.

No matter how good your figure you can't get away with this unforgiving item. The first photo shows what you should do - cover your 'middle parts' up. The lady next to her actually has a good figure but as you can see, her outfit is enough to turn any man off.

Take a look at the other pictures though to see why this should never been seen out in public.

Style hints: Leggings can look very sexy with knee high boots and a long top for the winter. Summer fashion you could wear it with a shorts or a skirt. Worn correctly and you can look hot.

For those of you who are still a little confused with the statement, 'Leggings are not pants', here is a quick guide to help you avoid this massive fashion mistake.


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey

      I'm only 5'2", and it is hard to find clothes that fit me right. I'm not heavy, but even at my height I have trouble most with jeans. I hate it when the ride up if you sit down. Also, as you show, a shirt that has spaces in between buttons is too tight, and leggings shouldn't be worn out of the house unless you need a prescription from the drug store and are to sick to bother to dress up more!