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Wrecking Balm Reviews and Ratings

Updated on July 14, 2011

Wrecking Balm: Does It Work?

Wrecking Balm Reviews - If you're thinking of trying a tattoo removal cream, I would recommend checking out Doc Wilson's Wrecking Balm. You can fade your unwanted tattoo at home with an easy and safe to use system. Wrecking Balm will gently remove the upper layers of the skin, breaking up the tattooed ink pigments, and over time fade your tattoo.

Wrecking Balm is more than just a rub-on cream. The Wrecking Balm tattoo removal system incorporates several steps in their process of fading your unwanted tattoo away. It's safe to use on all skin tones and is meant to be used on tattoos that are older than six months.

This tattoo removal cream safely works at breaking up the ink pigments and also speeding up the removal of these cells. Wrecking Balm breaks up ink-injected skin cells and spurs the growth of new skin cells to replace them. And it's designed to work on all skin types.

After doing a little research, I learned that Doc Wilson and a team of specialists from two laboratories formulated the Wrecking Balm tattoo removal system. This team of specialists continuously conduct research to further improve the Wrecking Balm system. And there seems to be no faster, less expensive and painless way to remove a tattoo than by using Wrecking Balm.

So please read the rest of the articles on this hub. You'll learn about the steps involved in the Wrecking Balm process, the ingredients used, take the Wrecking Balm quiz and there's also a link to a 55% discount if you decide to give it a try.

The Wrecking Balm Process

Why not take a picture of your tattoo before you begin?  That way you'll have a reference to see your progress.

Read the instructions that come with your Wrecking Balm at-home tattoo removal system, and follow them carefully.

You'll want to use Wrecking Balm in the bathroom or kitchen, because you'll be rinsing your skin between steps.

Have your watch or a timer on hand to keep a close eye on the recommended times for each step.

Batteries are included with the FDA approved, hand-held dermabrasion tool (the DemoMatic).  Load 'em up and place a new head onto the device.

Using just soap and water, wash and rinse your tattoo area.

Dip the DemoMatic head into the Suffsion gel and gently rotate the motorized microdermabrasion device over your tattoo for 45 seconds.

Rinse the area you just worked on and pat your skin dry with a towel.

Apply the Demo-Brasion spray to the area you just worked on and leave it on 90 seconds.  You may experience a slight tingling sensation.

Rinse this area again thoroughly and pat dry.

Next apply the Hydravescent cream over your tattoo.  This helps soothe your skin as well as fading your tattoo.

Finally, you can use the Branding Butter concealer to hide your tattoo while Wrecking Balm works it's magic.

Simply repeat this process 3 times a week until you're happy with the results.

Your skin cells renew themselves in cycles taking four to six weeks.  This natural regeneration is really the key because the tattoo ink slowly works it's way to the surface and can be removed.  And you gotta be patient, because the tattoo fading process can take many months.

Some of the ingredients in Wrecking Balm are finely–milled botanical extracts, professional exfoliating agents, natural medicinal oils, peeling extracts and salicylic acid.  I found the complete list of ingredients at this Wrecking Balm Reviews website.

Wrecking Balm Works It's Magic

Wrecking Balm Reviews: How Effective is this Tattoo Cream for Home Tattoo Removal ?

Wrecking Balm is an at-home tattoo removal system that promises to be "devastatingly effective" at fading unwanted tattoos.  It’s designed to gently remove the top layers of your skin, bringing the ink closer to the surface so that it can be removed gradually.

WreckingBalm® differs from other in-home tattoo removal products, because it includes FDA approved technology to safely accelerate the rate of tattoo fading and removal.  The system includes a handheld, micro-dermabrasion buffing tool and a gel that helps remove the upper layers of skin.

It seems the secret of Wrecking Balm is the breakdown of ink-injected skin cells and your skin’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself with healthy, new, ink-free skin cells. So some basic knowledge of skin cell turnover and renewal is important to understand.

Normally it takes 4 to 6 weeks for cells to naturally regenerate and complete one cycle.  This skin cell renewal process is the key as the ink-injected cells work their way to the surface for removal.  So be patient, because the fading process can take a number of months.

I learned that WreckingBalm® was formulated by a team of specialists, and they created this simple process that takes just a few minutes every other day.  It works to not only break up the ink pigments, but to expedite the process of removal.  More aggressive ways to remove tattoos generally cost more, hurt more and have greater risks.

The main reason people choose this tattoo removal method is due to the cost.  Compared to laser tattoo removal, using a tattoo cream is a small fraction of the price.  And last I looked, Wrecking Balm was offering a 55% discount with a money-back guarantee.  Check it out at this Wrecking Balm Reviews website.

Wrecking Balm Quiz

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Wrecking Balm Ingredients


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