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Yee-Haw! Country Boy Toddler Cowboy Boots

Updated on November 12, 2015

One of my toddlers is absolutely obsessed with cowboys. He wears his cowboy hat as often as possible, and I've even caught him sleeping in it. He pretends our broom is a horse as he trots around the living room, fighting off bad guys. Country music is a must when he's not blasting his Yo Gabba Gabba or Fresh Beat band CDs, and he owns several button-down shirts that he's convinced make him look super cowboyish.

He's been begging me for a real pair of cowboy boots, but the ones at local stores are a bit pricey. I took a look on Amazon and found a bunch of budget-friendly boots for toddlers. Here are a few of our favorite pairs.

Baby Deer Western Cowboy Boot

As of today, these Baby Deer boots are around $35. They have a rounded toe, which is awesome if you have a child who can't stand to have the interior of his shoe rubbing against him (hence the reason we don't buy Pumas).

My son has been begging for red cowboy boots, but I like these brown ones better because they match with everything. Then again, what toddler cares about matching? Certainly not mine.

The nonslip soles make these boots ideal for any season, from humid summer days to drizzly fall evenings. My little guy still manages to fall constantly anyway, but he can use all the help he can get from his shoes.

Handy Velcro tabs let little ones pull the shoes off and on easily, except when you're a hurry. Then it will still take 20 minutes to get them on, and NO, your toddler does NOT want any help. Wait, maybe that's just at my house.

Sometimes You've Just Gotta Be a Cowboy Pirate Police Officer


John Deere Western Boot for Toddlers

When you live in the Wild Wild (Mid)West, you've got to have the perfect pair of toddler cowboy boots to match your tractor. These John Deere boots go perfectly with the $400 kiddie tractor that has been on my toddler's Christmas list for the last 3 years but will never actually be under the tree. I feel bad, but I just don't have $400 for a Christmas present.

But I digress. Back to the boots.

A cushioned insole gently protects your toddler's delicate feet as he jumps, runs, and destroys your living room furniture. A moisture-wicking lining absorbs sweat from a busy day shucking corn or climbing trees, and the non-marking outsole is the BFF your floors always wanted.

I could give you the measurements of the shaft, heel, and platform, but does anybody really care about those? If you do, please let me know in the comments section below so I can include that info in future articles.

"Hey Mom, I really Iike your boots. Can I have them?" Ummmmm. No. Lol
"Hey Mom, I really Iike your boots. Can I have them?" Ummmmm. No. Lol | Source

Smoky Mountain Denver Boot

This is one of my toddler's favorite pairs of boots as far as appearance goes, but it isn't as comfortable as the John Deere or Baby Deer boots listed above.

These Smoky Mountain Denver Boots have a Western-style toe, which is slightly more pointed than the round-toe boots typically available for toddlers. My toddlers were lucky (or rather, unlucky) enough to inherit my wide feet, so Western-style toes don't really complement the natural shape of their feet very well.

Another problem is the heel on the back. I usually buy flat-soled shoes for my kiddos, so it's hard for them to have sword fights with sticks and race around the playground in heeled boots. Their balance isn't the best, which seems to be pretty normal for toddlers in general.

One major perk is that these Smoky Mountain Denver Boots are made from leather. Leather molds itself around your toddler's feet, and it doesn't have that funky odor commonly associated with synthetic materials.

These boots are great for dressing up around the home or having family photos done, but I don't really recommend them for daily use. However, my son absolutely loves the way they look, and he swears these are "real cowboy boots".

So How Do You Decide Which Pair of Toddler Cowboy Boots to Buy?

When you buy a pair of toddler cowboy boots for your son, even if it isn't one listed on this page, keep the following things in mind:

  • The width of your child's foot
  • The places your child plans to wear them (for example, if he wants to play out in the mud, a pair made from synthetic materials will probably be easier to clean than leather)
  • His personal style (brown, black, and tan match with pretty much everything, while colors like red, blue, and green might not)
  • Your budget (Amazon often has free shipping, and Target has some cute boots for cheap)
  • How well you know his shoe size (if you're not sure, look for boots at a place with a good return policy)
  • His ability to use a zipper or secure Velcro straps

These are just a few of the factors you should consider when you shop for cowboy boots for your toddler boy. The good news is that many toddlers will be absolutely delighted with anything you buy them, so you don't have to worry about buying the wrong pair of boots.

Try to Listen to this Song Without Dancing. Can You Do It?

Which toddler cowboy boots are your favorite?

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    • Sunnyglitter profile image


      3 years ago from Cyberspace

      I'm rocking out to that little cowboy song at the end lol.


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