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YogaClub Review March 2020: Comfortable, Cute, and Affordable

Updated on March 10, 2020
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Alexandria loves sharing reviews about products she's tried for herself. She's also a fan of yoga, reading, and meditation.

There are many subscription boxes out there. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can get some for books, for pop culture, and for fashion. YogaClub is one that offers comfortable but cute yoga clothing; just as the name of the box suggests.

For the last year, I've been getting one box every two months. At first, I loved it. The items looked and felt great and they were also the perfect fit. Then things started to change and I got a couple of boxes where I just wasn't in love.

I decided my March 2020 box was going to be my last one. Here's by YogaClub review to share why I'm sticking with it for at least one more box.

March 2020 YogaClub box
March 2020 YogaClub box | Source

What Is YogaClub?

If you've never checked out YogaClub, you'll want to know exactly what it is. After all, saying "it's a subscription box" tells you nothing. Saying it's a subscription box for yoga clothing still doesn't share much.

You can sign up for a box every month, every two months, or even every three months. It's up to you. On top of that, you can choose whether you want to get one item, two items, or a full set. I like the three-piece sets because you can never have enough yoga outfits. Granted, I wear them on a daily basis and not just for yoga, but can never have enough yoga outfits.

Each box is created specifically for you. When you sign up, you fill out a questionnaire, sharing the colors you prefer, the body parts you like to keep covered, and the type of styles you like. You tick with "Love," "Like," or "Dislike" so the people at YogaClub get an idea of your preference.

The quiz is also where you put your sizing to make sure the items fit. You can pick middle sizes, too. You may be a large, but you may be on the larger side of large or the smaller side.

It's possible to take the quiz over and over again, which is great for when you drop or go up a size.

The whole box is designed to be an outfit. For the most part, that happens. I've had the odd box or two where I've not been sure about the three items as an outfit, but mostly they work together. They also work separately, which is great when I pretty much wear my yoga outfits daily.

Problems With Previous Boxes

For a few boxes, I started to wonder whether YogaClub was worth it. The leggings were a thin material that kept slipping down. It wasn't a sizing problem as other leggings of different material were perfect. It was definitely to do with the brand and material. Each box, I would share feedback on the material of the leggings and each box would have the same material.

What makes it hard is that the outfits were ones that I'd rated that I liked based on the photos I'd seen. Every now and then, you're asked to fill out a questionnaire on a few new outfit ideas and rank the top three. It's all based on the look in the images, with models that are on the thinner side. That's great for smaller sizes but not great for those of us who are on the larger side.

So, while I liked the look of the outfits from the photos, I couldn't see what the material was actually like. So, I was saying I liked outfits with leggings that I really couldn't stand. I've learned to be a lot pickier when it comes to the outfits. I may like the color and the look, but if the material of the leggings looks bad, I'm going to say I dislike.

Giving YogaClub One Last Chance

When it came to the January 2020 box, I decided that I was going to give YogaClub one last try. I filled out all the feedback and did another rating of various outfits and then just waited.

During February, I got the offer of speeding up my next box with a very specific outfit. It was one that I loved the look of, so I decided to take the offer. However, it turned out the outfit wasn't available in my size, so I ticked that I'd take it whenever it was available in my size.

It turns out that time was this box. I got this cute outfit that is raising money for charity.

The outfit is just what I needed to put my faith back in YogaClub. It reminds me of everything that I loved in the first few boxes.

Leggings from the March 2020 YogaClub box
Leggings from the March 2020 YogaClub box | Source

Comfortable Yoga Pants for Everyday Use

Of course, my first thought was "what do the pants look like?" So, I skipped everything else in the box and went straight to them for the feel. When I realized it wasn't the thin, shiny material I'd had in previous boxes, I was happy.

The print is great and the material is a soft lycra. They reminded me more of some of the earlier pants I got.

Then I tried the pants on, and they fit amazingly. The stretch is just right to get around my thighs and the waste line is a good height and comfort. They're a Capri style legging, so perfect for the spring weather that's coming to Canada.

Sports bra from the March 2020 YogaClub box
Sports bra from the March 2020 YogaClub box | Source

A Comfy and Cute Top

The top is the item that made me want this outfit so much when it came up in my emails in February. It has an elephant on the front, making it entirely different to all the plain tops I'd got from YogaClub in the past. It's not that I don't like the plain, block colors, but sometimes, it is nice to have something a little different.

This cute top is also extremely comfortable. It's a racer back style tank top in a soft material. It's also a little stretchy and thin. This is the perfect material for a workout, whether it's yoga or going for a run.

The material is also perfect for summers in Ontario. Contrary to popular belief, we do get some brilliant, hot weather in the summer. I need a top that I can be comfortable in during the day and even in the humid evenings.

Top from the March 2020 YogaClub box
Top from the March 2020 YogaClub box | Source

A Sports Bra That Fits Just Right

One of the issues I've had with a few sports bras from the subscription box is the fit. There's usually a band that sits around the ribs that is often too tight. At least, that's been the problem with a couple of bras.

This one doesn't have that problem. It fits just right.

However, the bra is nothing special to the outfit. It will work with so many other outfits and I have other sports bras that will work. That doesn't take anything away from this one, but for me, as long as the bras fit well, I'm happy!

Will You Get YogaClub?

So, now I leave it over to you. YogaClub is an excellent choice if you love relaxing clothing and you want something that is a great value for money. There is a case of trial and error. The boxes are a surprise and you don't get to pick items specifically, and that can cause some problems.

The March 2020 box has been the one that is making me stick with YogaClub for a little longer. I'll see if the next box continues with the great material.

If you want YogaClub, you can sign up for $79 per box. The outfits are definitely worth way more than the $79. Sometimes just one item is worth more. I do recommend, as long as you're happy with the mystery box style of situation.

© 2020 Alexandria Ingham


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