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You Don't Have to "Shop til you Drop!"

Updated on January 3, 2010

Well I hate to be completely stereotypical but I LOVE SHOPPING. Shoes, shirts, sales, etc! So here are some of the best online shops I have found. I just love shopping with out having to deal with the bored employees and pushy rival customers.

TRIPIN $99.00
TRIPIN $99.00

Chinese Laundry: for the shoe lover!

If you are looking for any sort of shoe this site has it! Boots, sandals, etc. Chinese Laundry was launched in 1981. The shoes have a very unique style and are very high end fashion. My favorite art of this store is the fact that it's not that expensive. Online stores usually make you pay an arm,leg, and a whole body! This story has reasonable prices.

If you sign up for the mailing list you get 15% off of your purchase. The site offers gift certificates and you can create your own wish list. Personally I give the site 4.5 stars. The shoes are amazing and at a great price. I am not giving a full five star ranking because I think the website can be more organized. I like to be able to find things fast online. And I had a bit of trouble with this site.

eight sixty $66.00
eight sixty $66.00

Revolve Clothing: Alternative Chic

Trendy and some what alternative clothing. This site offers a sophisticated yet sassy look. I would recommend this site for people in their 20's. The site offers men and women's clothing. They also have a magazine and a blog that you should check out when you visit the site.

I went through the collection and I love their spring pieces. Skirts and jeans stuck out to me most as i went through the site. I would give them 3.5 stars. They are kind of expensive but I rather buy their clothing then Abercrombie wear.

Joe's Jeans $98.00
Joe's Jeans $98.00

Piper Lime: Sexy and Sassy

I love this site. If you want amazing trends and your willing to splurge this is wear you go! I love leggings and they have legging jeans on this site that are completely sexy. Legging jeans or pants are just leggings with pockets.

Dresses are great for spring, causal, and evening wear and Piper Lime has some great dresses. They have an amazing black Juicy Couture Dress that would be perfect for many different occasions.

The site is teamed up with The Gap. It's a more expensive version of The Gap. i would give it a 4.5 on the "Love it" scale. The cloths are really cute but also pretty expensive. i recommend looking at the "Real Steals" section before you look at anything else on this site. We are in a recession for goodness sakes!!

Amazon: for everything!

What can't you find at Amazon. I mostly go there to look at or pre-order books but the site has much more to offer. They also have more deals then the other sites. Smart shopping is very important and Amazon is the place to do that.

i give the site a 4.5. I even found Lucky Brand jeans at a lower price.


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