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You Need to Know About These Dangerous Bath, Beauty, and Makeup Products

Updated on March 31, 2010

Did you know that lead is in a huge percentage of lipsticks?  The FDA released a follow-up study in 2009, to their 2007 study that found much higher levels of lead in lipstick than reported by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in 2007.  61% of the 33 popular brand names tested included lead.  Lead-contaminated brands included L'Oreal, Cover Girl and even a $24 tube of Dior Addict.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to put those on and kiss my loved ones!

Did you know that Parabens, often showing up as ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben, are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and skin irritation?  Parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.  In a 2004 UK study detected traces of five parabens in the breast cancer tumors of 19 out of 20
women studied.

How about how nitrosamines leading to developmental or reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and systemic toxicity?  Nitrosamines are considered "impurities" and not even listed on most ingredient labels.  They are typically formed when certain proteins, such as diethanolamine (DEA) or triethanolamine (TEA), are used in the same products as preservatives that can break down into nitrates.

That's just the tip of the iceberg and if that's not enough to have you questioning your bath, beauty and cosmetic items, I don't know what else will do it.

You can avoid those ingredients, help protect the planet, and your own health by deciding to "Go Green" with your toiletry items.  Many companies are beginning to create lines of green makeup, bath and beauty products.  You just need to do some due diligence to find out what the best name brands are.

Now, the organic and natural markets are typically a little more expensive than their toxic counter parts, but some of them are still very affordable.  For me, it boils down to getting what you pay for, and better health and a healthier world to live in seems like a reasonable investment to make.

The Guide to Green Beauty and Makeup Products is a great guide that lists over 30 brand names that are natural and organic.  Yours truly put that list together and use quite a few of the products from those brand names.  Sure, I still have some toxic products, but I'm slowly weeding them out as I replace them with healthier alternative.  I've found that the quality and usage is every bit, if not better than the products that were replaced.  

I'm also using a lot more natural beauty recipes from ingredients found in my own kitchen.  That helps save money and just feels great!  One example is the Orange Facial.  This is excellent for smooth skin, controlling oily skin, clearing up blemishes, and removing wrinkles.  Simply slice an orange into small slices, apply to freshly washed face and relax for thirty minutes.  Rinse off and use your favorite moisturizer.  How easy is that?

I hope you'll join me in going green with your own bath, beauty, and makeup products.  You'll feel better, look better, and help save the planet, one gorgeous make-over at a time!


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    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Honestly I never thought about it either, but for some reason now that my daughter is wearing more makeup, I started to learn more about it. We are slowly becoming more natural and organic as we use products and replace them with healthier alternatives.

    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

      Great info - this is something that most women don't even think about.

    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      It was interesting research for sure. Some products will be hard to replace though even though I know they aren't the best, but I think I'll have the rest of them replaced soon. I think even that much should be a help.

    • magnoliazz profile image

      magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      WOW...thanks so much for informing us! No wonder we are getting cancer!

    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Yes, it's hard to step away from some favorites! I honestly don't know if I'll be able to go completely organic as I haven't tested organic mascara or some other products, but my goal is to be at least mostly all natural as I replace old products with healthier choices.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Oh... this is scary but I'm glad you shared it. I will be very careful. I use some things from Body Shop but maybe I should consider going completely organic. Regards.