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Your Choices For Short Hairstyles For Men

Updated on June 7, 2014

Men are known for their short hairstyles. The good news is that they don't have to be trapped with the usual crew cut. There are already several options for short hairstyles for men. In fact, if you can get them to look great, you may just be able to imitate your favorite Hollywood celebrities:

Curly Hair

You can have short but curly hair just like that of Ryan Philippe's, the previous husband of Reese Witherspoon. The only difference could be is the fact that his curls are natural. Nevertheless, you can still achieve that by creating curls near your forehead. You can't keep them short too, so they don't look too overpowering. Your hair can also be easily managed. You can also cut the sides and the back and leave at most 2 inches at the top of your head.

Another possible advantage of curly hair is you can maintain your boyish look. You can look disarmingly charming or youthful, just like Hiro Mizushima.

Ryan Philippe short curly hair.
Ryan Philippe short curly hair.


A layered cut is normally adapted by women, because they are more emphasized if one has longer hair. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean it cannot be used by men. You can still have shorter hair and get layers, as long as you have enough hair to trim on the sides and at the back. A layered-cut hair can make you look edgier. In fact, it gives you a rock star persona. After all, it's sported by Jack White, a great guitarist.


It's easy to do the Mohawk. You can remove all hairs at the side of your head but leave the middle portion untouched. You can then extend the remaining hairs up. You can transform them into spikes or not. The most important thing is they are standing up, just like the hairstyles of Mohawk Indians. This kind of cut is sported by Travis Barker of Blink 182.

However, you can also be imaginative by adapting a Mohawk-style cut similar to that of Yung LA.

Travis Barker Mohawk hairstyle.
Travis Barker Mohawk hairstyle.
David Beckham with fohawk style.
David Beckham with fohawk style.


Another variation of mohawk is a fohawk or fauxhawk. You do not need to shave your sides, just make your top stand up by using wax. it is a cool style with less maintenance than mohawk style.

Flat Tops

This is a cleaner cut and is worn by people who are in the force, such as the military and the police. If you have a well-chiseled face, it is a good idea to wear this at it highlights your features. You can also wear this if you want to keep your head clean at all times or if you want a hair that is very easy to maintain. This can even be wash and wear, though you have to trim the top portion once in a while to make it stand upright at all times.

Buzz Cut

This was worn by Wentworth Miller while he was shooting Prison Break. This type of cut is also known as the skinhead, since it almost removes all your hair. It is named after the sound of razors as they pass through your head. This is also the main device used for producing the buzz-cut, though scissors may be needed for trimming. Unless you have a well-shaped head, buzz cut may not be ideal for you.

Wentworth Miller buzz cut.
Wentworth Miller buzz cut.


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