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Your DIY manis, pedis will be flawless with Liquid Palisade

Updated on March 23, 2016

No less a preeminent style maven than Ivanka Trump recently published that women should save money by doing their own nails (at least) once a month. Celebrity manicurists are always noting in fashion magazines that they can always tell when someone does their own nails by checking out how neat (or not) the cuticles look.

It's very hard to keep polish off your cuticles, particularly if you have a thinner consistency nail polish and you're painting to the edge. When I was a kid, my aunt noticed my sloppy cuticles when I was doing my own nails. She did them all over from scratch, but in order to avoid my cuticles, she basically just painted stripes down the center of the bed. I went afterward and tried to touch things up and she got so angry with me! I think we were not buddies after that time.

Is there any way to avoid the beauty salon and also, sloppy looking manicures? Yes! Kiesque Liquid Palisade is here to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

This USA-based company has created two forms of polish barriers: one for around your cuticles and another for French manicures (or other nail art). They come in little tubes with very controllable, ergonomic brushes. They paint on a light mauve and turn to dark purple when they are dry.

You apply it and use an orangewood stick to shape your barrier while it's still wet. Definitely take your time to do a quality job at this task, or else you'll defeat the purpose if your barrier has a weird shape.

Also, they suggest that you apply it thickly. Absolutely do this, most especially on your non-dominant hand. This is because after it dries, you pick it up with a tweezer. If it's thin, you may not be dexterous enough to get it off easily.

It only takes a minute or so to dry.

If you hesitate in using bright, bold colors -- which are particularly in style right now -- because the exacting application that they require is beyond your handiwork capabilities, this product will change your life! Also, the neat painting that you'll now be able to accomplish will look so much more professional/expensive.

They're small enough to work with 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags/TSA requirements.

5 stars for Liquid Palisade


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