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Choosing Proper Undergarments is "healthing"

Updated on March 8, 2015

Toss Floss Underwear?

Are thongs a good choice of undergarment and do women really enjoy wearing them? Comfort is key to quality living. More importantly though is your overall health. Doctors, and thong wearers alike, say wearing thongs can cause health conditions and actually decrease the frequency of intimate encounters. Additionally, you still get panty lines! Here, Doctors share a few health concerns and offer a few tips for foundation styling.

Thongs have become synonymous with allure.....

Many men say it's their favorite article of clothing for women to wear. Women want to gain and maintain the affection and attention of men. So, some women have chosen that type of undergarment. But how popular is it really? I have heard women state many times that it takes some getting used to. That doesn't communicate confidence or enjoyment. Moreover, a healthy practice is to carefully consider whether your partner would do what they're asking of you in return. In this case we are talking specifically about wearing knickers that cause continual discomfort, such as a nagging wedgie. Even if you do work through the discomfort and get someone's attention; doctor's say it can cause health conditions that could decrease the frequency of intimate encounters.

Chafing and tiny tears can occur because the fabric shifts back and forth as you move. "This kind of underwear tends to rub, causing tiny tears in the delicate skin, creating access for microbes," says Adelaide Nardone, MD, an OB-GYN in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Lisa Masterson, a Los Angeles based Gynecologist and co-host of "The Doctor's" Television show, says some of her patients have experienced hemorrhoids as a result of wearing the slinky garment. Having this condition and wearing clothing that might irritate it can leave it open to infection.

Recurrent yeast infections are more common with this type of clothing, according Dr. Masterson. The string in the back can inflame the skin, leading to thrush which is a yeast infection of the skin that thrives in warm, moist environments.

Frequent urinary-tract infections can occur, as well as skin sensitivity due to "bacteria making their way from the back to the front using the string as a transport," says Dr. Lisa Masterson. Women who are prone to urinary tract infections should avoid wearing this item for prolonged periods of time and certainly do not wear them overnight. Sleeping in it provides ample time for bacteria to migrate. For workouts, pull on seamless, nearly invisible underwear bottoms in sweat-wicking material.

Additionally, the most widely known reason for women to wear this tiny underpinning has been refuted. Women with experience have shared that they still get panty lines. The visible panty line, or VPL, is simply located in another area. The VPL is now In the center of the back view instead of the usual posterior lines.

So what should you do in the event of a special event? I can certainly understand some women not wanting to go commando. There are brief style undergarments that have micro cut edges to minimize VPL. If you insist on wearing a thong, make it 100% ultrasoft stretch cotton and avoid nylon or spandex. The natural, soft material will likely provide less friction and a healthier environment.

A Real Solution For Women - Check out this video on how to be comfortable and panty line free.

There really are full coverage briefs that don't give you panty lines!

Women's underwear: reviewed by Real Women.

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