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Natural Mineral Makeup: The Bare Truth

Updated on December 11, 2014

What's The Big Deal About Mineral Makeup?

From foundations and blushes to eye shadows, mascaras and lipliners . . . mineral makeup seems to be all the rage. Sold online and in retail stores, the competition has been heating up between small companies and multi-million dollar corporations. So what's the big deal? And who has the best mineral makeup products anyway?

Getting the facts about mineral makeup and learning what these products can really do for you is a first step toward some answers.

Why Use Mineral Make-Up?

3 Main Benefits

Using mineral make-up provides several benefits:


  • Mineral makeup does not block or clog your pores . . . allowing your skin to breathe. It's one of the reasons it appeals to a lot of women who have sensitive skin or those who suffer with acne, dryness, rosacea and other skin ailments.
  • Mineral makeup provides protection from the sun . . . because the main ingredients namely mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide work by reflecting the photons of light up and out of the skin so there is no absorption of energy.
  • With the use of mineral makeup the incidence of chemical reactions and the production of free radicals are reduced which is why these products are now often being recommended by dermatologists.

Natural Look & Feel

  • Mineral makeup powder is lighter than conventional cosmetics . . . so it does not feel like you are wearing a mask. As a matter of fact, most people who look at you may not know that you are not wearing any makeup at all.


  • Once a day application . . .
  • Most women who use traditional makeup need to freshen or "powder up" a number of times during the day. With mineral makeup, you only need to apply this once a day.
  • It's not necessary to remove mineral makeup before going to bed . . . if you don't want to. Makeup removal before bedtime has always been advised when using traditional cosmetics.

How To Apply Mineral Makeup - Step-By-Step Instructions

This young lady did an EXCELLENT job of explaining how to prepare your skin as well as the application of mineral makeup. Although she uses a particular brand of mineral makeup, her techniques will work with all the mainstream brands. This is a must-see . . .

Review: Applications Steps

Applying Mineral Makeup Products

Moisturize . . .

  • One thing you should know about mineral makeup is that the powder adheres to the natural oil of your skin so if your face is too dry, the powder might end up looking too powdery on your skin. So it's important to moisturize your face before you apply mineral makeup foundation. Simply apply your moisturizer and wait about ten minutes. Just how much should you put on your face? It depends on the level of dryness or existing oiliness of your skin type. You'll have to find out the correct amount through trail and error to achieve the right balance.

Apply Concealer . . .

  • There may be some dark spots under your eyes or around your face so dab it with concealers. You can use your fingertip to get a small amount to dab and then blend over the targeted area and make it look brighter. (Example: on the veins showing on your eyelids or the dark circles under your eyes)

Apply the Mineral Foundation . . .

  • Most powdered mineral makup foundations come in flat-looking wide-mouth jars. Simply remove the lid and put a small sprinkling of the mineral powder into the lid of the jar. (Note: you can always add more if you need it). With a flat-top or kabuki brush, swirl it in the cap then lightly tap the brush handle on the edge of the lid to knock off the excess powder. Use your brush to apply the foundation to your skin in a circular motion by first working on the cheeks and then moving off to the side of your face and up to your forehead. Repeat and swirl until you've achieved an even skin tone (don't worry . . . you'll see the difference in your skin!).

Apply the " Setting" Powder . . .

  • When you get the look you want using the foundation, it is time to apply the setting powder. The good news is that how you apply it is the same as applying the foundation so that should not be a problem.

Apply Your Finishing Touches . . .

  • From there, you can use other mineral makeup products such as eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lip colors and lip liners to finish off your fabulous new look.

Mineral Makeup For The Ages

Makeup Tips & Techniques For Different Age Groups

As people are beginning to recognize the benefits of using chemical-free cosmetics, mineral makeup is being used to enhance features but to also mask those small imperfections that can sometimes come with age or certain skin conditions. (Speaking of aging, mineral makeup has proven to do wonders!)

What's good about mineral makeup is that it can be used by women (yes, and men, too!) of all ages. Do not forget to moisturize before applying makeup, making sure that the moisturizer has settled. While the basic application of natural mineral makeup foundation is the same for everyone, there are a few age-specific tips and tricks you can use to bring out the best in you . . .

>>> 20-Somethings

Makeup & Beauty Tips For Those In Their 20's

If you are in your 20s, heavy makeup should not be necessary (except on rare occasions). A light mineral foundation will help you achieve the look that you want. Here are a couple of other tips to note:

  • For a fresh youthful look, it's more appropriate to use tinted lip glosses instead of those dark red ones. You can save the bright or deep-colored lip colors and smoky eye shadows for nights out on the town.
  • Use a bit of blush to add color to your cheeks.

>>> 30-Somethings

Makeup & Beauty Tips For Those In Their 30's

When you are on your thirties, you may start to see tiny lines in your face. Aside from lines, you may also see some effects of sun-exposure. All the more reason to take steps to protect your skin. So when you are in your 30s:

  • Enhance your eyes.
  • Choose eye shadow colors which bring out the colors of eyes. It could be in a contrasting color.
  • Curl your eyelashes and use a bit of eyeliner to enhance your lashes.
  • Cleanse your skin and apply mosturizer.
  • Even though mineral makeup particles are too big to get into the pores, at the end of the day you can still benefit from cleansing your skin properly.

>>> 40-Somethings

Makeup & Beauty Tips For Those In Their 40's

Some say that life really begins at forty. So your face should show it too. These forty-something beauty tips can breathe new life into your looks:

  • Rather than use makeup to hide the lines, wrinkles and dark spots . . . you should place more emphasis on enhancing your features.
  • Make good use of a concealer, mascara and eyelash curler.
  • Moisturize your lips. There are several mineral-tinted moisturizers that you can use.

>>> 50-Somethings and Beyond

Makeup & Beauty Tips For Those In Their 50's . . . 60's and Beyond

Fifty (plus) is the start of your golden years. And there's no reason that your beauty can't continue to shine. So here are some tips for 50 and above.

  • Don't forget the eyebrows.
  • When the eyebrows are properly combed, filled in and groomed, it can take ten years away. And, make use of your eyeliner.
  • When choosing mineral foundations, make sure that it is the same color of your skin.
  • Avoid using earth tones for your lips. What you need is a fresh look . . . try using pinks or orange tones for your lips.

The truth is, whether it is mineral makeup or the traditional ones, the objective of cosmetics is to enhance the natural beauty that you already possess . . . true beauty that should stem from within.

Thanks for stopping by . . .

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    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 7 years ago from La Verne, CA

      Nice set of brush ups. I love mineral makeup.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Thanks for the informative lens. I've just started using mineral makeup myself - so far I really like it.

    • cjsysreform profile image

      cjsysreform 8 years ago

      Yet another well-written natural beauty lens from you... how is it I haven't commented or rated it yet? Even after featuring it on my natural skin care lens compilation, I flaked out on contributing. Shame on me! Here's a belated 5* for you, and I'm adding it to my favorites. Oh, and check Skin Care for Women if you want to see the latest revisions and additions I've made today.

      Have I told you how much I love and appreciate your lenses? I hope I have. I wish they were all as good as yours.