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Give yourself a complete make over

Updated on May 7, 2009

Advice on how to make over your life

Giving yourself a complete makeover is not as hard as you may think. Maybe you are a man/woman who doesn't like their job or their body or not good at being social. Maybe you are a teenager who is not doing well at school and being bullied or want to change your image. Whatever your situation is there are ways you can give yourself a makeover.

If you are not happy with your job than change it. If you want to change the field you work in than do it. Do not let any reasons or excuses play a part in your decision. There is never a good excuse too not change your job if you are not happy. Everybody has bills and rent that needs to get paid but they will still get paid if you change jobs the right way. Simply apply for a few jobs a week and make sure you do it every week until you find that job you like.

If you do not like your body than workout a few times a week. You don't have to workout at the latest and greatest fitness center in your town. You can simply workout at home a few times a week. Make sure you make time to exercise and make sure you stick with it no matter what. Your body will change eventually but sticking with your routine is key. Every single person has the time to exercise but making little sacrifices may be a necessity.

If you want to be more social than start going out more. Going out doesn't have to be going to the bar or a party. Going out can be going to restaurants or going where big groups of people go. Pick out some places that you know a lot of people will go to and strike up normal conversations with people. Eventually talking will become natural for you and you will soon be able to talk to anybody.

Start wearing different kinds of clothes. If you don't like what you see or need a change than stop being afraid and make the change. Do not be afraid too change your style up a little bit.

If you are hanging out with the wrong group of friends then it may be time to find new friends or just start hanging out alone. Don't dress, act or do certain things just because your friends do it. Be your own person and follow yourself.

Be confident and think positive at all times. If you are lacking confidence then the time to start thinking differently is now. As hard as it sounds, it is easy to think positive thoughts and too have a confident attitude. When you walk, walk with a purpose. When you talk, talk with meaning and when you choose to do anything else make sure you and everyone else knows that you are doing it with meaning.


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    • profile image

      Taylor5 6 years ago

      Use make up. Don't lather it on, just use a little bit. Less is more