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Why I Love Toms Shoes

Updated on September 8, 2012


Toms Shoes is built on the one for one company movement. They were founded on one promise that with every pair of shoes purchased, they would then donate a free pair to an underprivileged child in need. What an amazing company that allows us as consumers to be a part of something special.

Aside for them carrying vegan shoes that are super comfy and adorable, Toms shoes are special. They are founded on a promise made by Blake Mycoskie. In 2006, Blake traveled to Argentina where he found that the majority of children had no shoes to protect their feet. In poorer and underdeveloped countries, walking is a primary means of transportation. Children walk miles for food, water, shelter and even medical attention. Having shoes allows them to walk distances that just are not possible with bare feet. From walking barefoot, the children get sores and cuts on their feet causing them to walk on open wounds. The leading cause of disease in developing countries is soil-transmitted parasites. These parasites penetrate the skin through open sores which causes disease and often grounds for amputation. Many children cannot even attend school because they don't have shoes and shoes are a requirement. Therefore, no shoes means no school, which means no education and ultimately no opportunity for a future.

After Blake returned home from Argentina he developed Toms Shoes where he vowed to donate one pair of shoes to a child for every pair purchased. Later that year he returned to Argentina with over 10,000 pairs of shoes already. A great accomplishment he was able to achieve through his customers! As of 2008, he has donated over 150,000 pairs of shoes and hopes to donate over 300,000 pairs of shoes by the end of 2009 all around the world.

Choosing the Right Pair

Toms shoes come in an endless assortment of colors and fabrics for women, men and children. The soles are made from recycled rubber and organic canvas is coming soon. These shoes are so fun and go with anything. They are meant to wear barefoot and are super comfortable! The price averages from $48-$98 and they now have boots! These boots are the most adorable things that can be worn in cold or warm weather. They come in various colors and are 100% cotton. They're a wrap boot which means they are ultimately a shoe with a long fabric elastic wrap that extends from the ankle, wrapped around your calve with a velcro closure.

I bought my first pair of Toms Shoes when I made the transition to being a vegan and I continue to buy them today since it's not all that easy to find shoes without any animal products in them. I was a bit skeptical because shoes I order never seem to be comfortable but they really are. It's almost like being barefoot with a shoe if that makes any sense at all. I only decided to write this review on them since I'm sitting here pondering what color of boots to order. Next time you're looking for a cute and comfortable pair of shoes check out Toms Shoes and be a part of a special movement to impact the future and health of a child's life.


Toms shoes now also come in boots! These are 100% cotton and are a wrap boot with a velcro close coming in fun colors.
Toms shoes now also come in boots! These are 100% cotton and are a wrap boot with a velcro close coming in fun colors.


Did you know that of the six billion people living on the earth, four billion of them live in conditions that are inconceivable to most.?


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